Arizona Cardinals Fans Blame Themselves for Turnovers More Than Any Other Team's Fans

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Very important research has revealed that Arizona Cardinals fans are kind of weird.

This research has discovered that about one-quarter of Arizona Cardinals fans believe their failure to perform some sort of game-day superstition has resulted in a Cardinals turnover. More Cardinals believe this than fans of any other team.

Bud Light actually hired a public-opinion research company to put together these surveys of NFL fans -- nearly 10,000 of them.

Cardinals fans were ranked as the second-most superstitious fans in the NFL.

The most common superstition is that wearing an unwashed jersey is good luck, which 18 percent of Cardinals fans say they do. Raiders fans were most likely to wear the same outfit, but they apparently wash their clothing.

Not surprisingly, 27 percent of fans are said to have incorporated beer into their game-day rituals, which is more than any other team.

Cardinals fans are also second in the league for trying to "curse" or "jinx" opponents.

Here's a suggestion for the superstitious fans -- it's really not your fault that the team tends to suck. Not smelling like a dumpster never hurt anyone.

Click here for more info on NFL superstitions.

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why am I not surprised? Cardinals fans generally drive like shit, and usually have the CCV stickers next to the cardinals logo.. just saying. 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I say move the Cardinals back to St. Louis, where they belong and the Rams back to L.A., where they belong. Phoenix could do without a football team. This is from someone who doesn't know squat about the game and doesn't give a hoot and a howl about it. I'm just surprised as hell that a Cardinals fan hasn't stabbed a Raiders fan, etc. And now we hear that it's some kind of voodoo that causes the Cardinals keep losing. Sheesh.

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