13 Arizonans Killed in "Accidental" Shootings So Far This Year

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There have been at least 13 people "accidentally" shot and killed in Arizona this year.

Just last week, 27-year-old Florence resident Robert DeArman III was killed after he was checking out a friend's gun, and handed it back. One of the men accidentally pulled the trigger during the exchange, and DeArman was fatally shot in the chest. See the details on each of the 13 shootings below.

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State health department statistics show that around 13 shooting deaths in a year isn't extraordinary -- it's certainly a lot fewer than the 26 in 2002, but the highest since 2007.


2013 "accidental" shooting deaths:

14.) Manuel Ortiz

Manuel Ortiz
This one isn't included in the total count, since it took place on New Year's Eve, 2012. According to Phoenix police, Ortiz's sister, 19-year-old Savannah Ramirez, accidentally shot and killed Ortiz while they were posing for photos together, with a gun to Ortiz's head.

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valleynative topcommenter

Stupid people will find ways to kill themselves and people around them.

The sort of person who allows his gun to point at a friend is the same sort of idiot that chops off the tree branch his ladder is leaning on.  The sort of person who uses the trigger as a handle by which to grab the gun is the same sort of idiot who lights a cigarette while filling his lawnmower with gasoline.

Of the over 2 million gun owners in the State, about a dozen have been proven to be stupid enough to accidentally kill somebody this year.

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