Yuma Man Crushed by 16-Foot Cactus Lands in "Ripley's Believe It or Not"

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Arizonans kind of take cacti for granted, but the rest of the nation still seems to find them weird -- weird enough that a 16-foot cactus landing on a man gets attention from "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"

William Mason, a worker with the city's utilities department, was checking out a leak in a Yuma subdivision last year, when the 16-foot saguaro fell onto him and pinned him to the ground.

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Mason was out there with other workers, who helped get the cactus off of him, and get him medical attention.

Mason's back and legs were pretty severely injured, and he was in intensive care at the Yuma Regional Medical Center for several days, according to a city spokesman.

There were also 146 cactus spines stuck in him.

The folks promoting Ripley's annual book of weirdness, Dare to Look!, tell us Mason's featured in the "body" section of the new edition, along with "giraffe women" who voluntarily stretch their necks to more than a foot long, but it's not in the same section as the guy who clipped 161 clothespins to his face, which is filed under "feats."

The Yuma Sun did a follow-up story on Mason's rehab after the cactus incident, which mentions that some of the spines were still in his skin a month later.

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

Back in the 80's there was a stupid fool living here who got into a fight with his girlfriend, grabbed his .45 and ammo and went out into the desert to blow off some steam.... by shooting out the base of a Saguaro cactus... an old one that had several arms.... (each arm weighs about a ton by itself)

Now his family has a permanently perforated kitchen strainer.... (no he did not live)


ah yes, the giraffe women, I know them well. I travel often to thailand to meet with the women of the padaung, who are among the few women on earth who can truly deep-throat my monumental member. I hear of some very talented giraffe women in burma, but that is a country which is much more difficult to visit and they don't approve of a lot of our western thinking and practices. The massai women of the sub-saharan are up and comers and they look forward to my visits, not only to show off their physical talents, but also as a much needed source of protein-rich nutrition.


@Flyer9753 Yeah, the Austin Lounge Lizards did a song about that incident, but unfortunately, they pronounced Saguaro with a hard g.



The pigmy tribe of padaung?

In the land of the pigmys the 4" man is king.

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