Debra Milke Out of Jail, Two Guilty of Murder, a Guy With Bad Excuses Gets Punished, and More

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Welcome to Courthouse Update, a weekly rundown goings-on at the Maricopa County Superior Court.

This week, Debra "Death-Row Debbie" Milke is out of jail, two people were found guilty of murder, a man with bad excuses for hitting a bicyclist gets his punishment, and more:

  • Thomas Moton found guilty of murder

  • court-moton.jpg
    Moton killed his ex-girlfriend Takesha Barnes in May 2012, as Barnes was leaving her daughter's middle-school graduation ceremony in Avondale. Barnes was a domestic-violence victim who had just taken out an order of protection against Moton earlier that week. Barnes had asked for a security guard to escort her to her car, but Barnes was still able to shoot her. A jury found Moton guilty of first-degree murder.

    See also: Thomas Moton Accused of Murdering Ex at Graduation Ceremony

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ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Matt, Making a mockery of a decades long tragedy, now emerging as a wrongful conviction of an innocent woman -- by calling Debra Milke, "Death Row Debbie" shows an ignorance and insensitivity that characterizes Arizona culture, who might think this is cute.  

The brute reality is an innocent woman and mother spent 25 years in a corrupt system; 22 years on death row in isolation, for the murder of her child that she did NOT do. Who is going to pay to restore her life? The taxpayers will not consider this a laughing matter. 

Instead, you should be raising serious questions about Arizona's injustice system. Unfortunately, the Debra Milke tragedy is the tip of the iceberg in Arizona and they know it. That is why they will fight to protect a "go-to" corrupt detective who did their dirty work?

Instead, you should be making a mockery of the detective and the prosecutors in the case --- the Phoenix Police Dept. Detective Saldate, the disgraced Maricopa County Attorneys office under Romley, Levy, Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, Bill Montgomery and their enablers who wrongfully convicted Ray Krone, Bill Macumber, Louis Taylor, Lisa Randall, among many others in the over 200,000 FELONY CASES (in one term in office) Andrew Thomas bragged about. 

You are mocking the taxpayers as well, who have been paying for decades for manifest injustice by inept and / or corrupt law enforcement officials / prosecutors, who drive the state's broken criminal justice system and now need millions of dollars more, for more new prisons to bury their malicious prosecution, mistakes and those they do not like.

Get informed. Read the Ninth Circuit Opinion and apologize to Debra Milke and her family. 

DEBRA MILKE V RYAN  9th Circuit Court Opinion overturning her conviction and sentencing

Turn to page 54 for Chief Judge Kozinski's scathing report of Arizona's justice system. Opinion sent to the DOJ Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Federal Attorney for investigation of the Maricopa County Attorney's office and the Phoenix Police Dept. detective Saldate.   

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

The Death of Innocents | David Protess
David Protess
The only time I've seen a prosecutor apologize was in Cook County, believe it or not, when former State's Attorney Jack O'Malley apologized to the Ford Heights Four upon their release.

But it's an exception that proves your rule. As for accountability, you have raised a most significant issue. They keep doing it because no one stops them. Besides the Ada case, the only other in recent years was in North Carolina when DA Mike Nifong concealed evidence in the Duke Lacrosse players case. Again, exceptions that prove the rule.

Readers: Can you think of others?

But jail time for wrongful prosecutions is debatable. How much time would you give the prosecutors in the McKinney case? A life sentence, like he got?"

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

None of these officials deserve one iota of respect for the destruction of the many innocent lives they have caused under the color of law. If it was a doctor, he'd been in prison for life or on death row.  Once the law enforcer / prosecutors face the same sentence they want for the accused, then all these cases will evaporate, along with the money.

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