Tucson Swim Coach Accused of Uploading Child Porn to Social Media Website (D'oh!)

Brisbane City Council via Flickr

Lesson of the day: Social media is a good way to connect with friends but a bad way to share child porn.

The Tucson police department says a local swim coach was arrested after uploading images of child pornography to a social media site.

The TPD didn't reveal which website but says it got the tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

In the Internet age, tracking down who's posting child porn on a social-media website isn't exactly tough police work.

The search warrant was served at 49-year-old Mountain View High School (the Tucson one) swim coach Bruce Rock's house.

Police weren't detailed on the explanation, but they say evidence recovered in the home identified Rock as the one who was doing the uploading of the child porn.

Rock also runs the Pima Aquatic Club, a year-round swim team for youngsters.

According to the club's website, Rock is married and has two college-aged children. Yikes.

TPD says Rock was booked into jail on five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

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a funny prank mean people like to play is to drive next to a house that has an unsecured WiFi and then use their internet to upload CP and bomb threats and stuff like that. Whole pages devoted on 4Chan to How-To-Guides for trolls on how to hack WEP & WPA (both of which can be cracked in minutes using Google's sharing programs).


@mary14nx05y You cannot crack WPA if the WPA key is disabled.  WEP is hardly used anymore - and should not be.


Max lulz when the FBI party van pulls up a day or two later and a bunch of n00bs get raided.  Sorta like the Swatting pranks.

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