Top Five Arizona Cardinals Performances in Win Over Detroit Lions

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The Arizona Cardinals earned their first win of the season yesterday, in a 25-21 win at home over the Detroit Lions.

Larry Fitzgerald hardly played, while Calvin Johnson had 116 receiving yards and two touchdowns against the Cardinals defense, Carson Palmer threw a pick-six, and the Cardinals still managed to win the game. Here are the five guys who made the difference in yesterday's game:

  • 5.) Levi Brown

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    We know, you probably almost puked at the suggestion that Cardinals left tackle Levi Brown did something good. But we rate Brown's performance by the number of times we screamed, "OH JESUS LEVI BROWN, WHAT THE HELL MAN?" For the first time in recent memory, that was only uttered once during yesterday's game, in which Carson Palmer fumbled while getting sacked by Brown's assignment, and the Lions recovered -- BUT WAIT! -- an "illegal use of hands" call reversed that, so it never happened . . . right? Palmer only got sacked once this game, and Brown was responsible for three sacks in week one. Since everyone has been bashing Brown since long before this season, he deserves a pat on the back (we're gagging) for yesterday's game.

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Congratulations to Kerry Taylor, keep up the good work. Bethel made amends. Hope they steal one in the big easy. peace

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