Reader Mail: In Defense of the Alleged Vagina-Brander

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Well, it's not every day we get an e-mail from someone defending the man accused of drugging his then-girlfriend and branding her vagina with his initials while she was passed out.

A man from North Miami Beach, Florida, tells New Times that people do this kind of thing all the time.

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-Christopher Jackson Branded His Initials Into His Girlfriend's Vagina, Police Say

While the reader, Frank Shore, derides us for what he calls a "one-sided story," we'll note that we would've loved to have Christopher Lynn Jackson's explanation for the allegations against him. However, court documents indicate Jackson did not speak to police, so we pretty much did tell his side of the story.
One-sided story

Your article, "Christopher Jackson Branded His Initials Into His Girlfriend's Vagina, Police Say," is highly prejudicial.

Here is what your article didn't say. Many females beg their partners to do this to them. There are web sites dedicated to this female fetish. Branding is no different than tattooing.

It is very likely this female came up with this allegation after she caught this guy cheating her with another female, and he dumped her.

There is no evidence that he drugged her. There is no evidence that she did not consent. She waited a month to make a police report. Do you think a female who didn't consent wouldn't break up with the guy immediately and immediately press charges against him?

Newspapers convicted Richard Ricci, they convicted Richard Jewel, they convicted the Duke Lacrosse players, they convicted George Zimmerman. Maybe, you should get both sides of a story before you print it? Is that too hard to do? That is what I would call responsible journalism. This hit piece is yellow journalism at its worst. Did you bother to inform readers that this is not an uncommon practice in BDSM? Why? Because you wanted a sensationalized story.

There are males who pay females a lot of money to brand their privates.

When this guy is found innocent, I hope he sues your kiester.

People believe everything they read on the Internet. The rabble always presumes guilt not innocence. The rabble always presumes all allegations are true without knowing any first-hand fact.

Not much has changed since mobs used to arm themselves with pitchforks, torches, and rope to lynch people accused of crimes without giving them a trial.

People love a good witch hunt, and love to see others burnt at the stake.

Sick, perverted, sadistic people calling for this guy to have his privates burned with a propane torch, and such, should join the kink community. They have more in common with this guy, then not. They are just looking for an excuse to satisfy the lust for sadistic vengeance. They have a God-complex. They wish to be judge, jury, and executioner.

If a female had done this to a male, few people would be outraged, yet there are hundred times more females seeking to have this done them than males.

For every submissive male masochist, there are 100 submissive female masochists.

Madonna appeared in an explicit book on sadomasochism 30 years ago. Fifty Shades of Gray was so popular they are making it into a movie. Yet, most Americans are totally ignorant when it comes to this subject.

If you bite, scratch, pull hair, slap, spank, squeeze, or pinch during sex you are practicing sadomasochism.

Frank Shore
N Miami Beach Florida
The new George Zimmerman, huh? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Shore checked out the update to the story -- the part about police detectives allegedly finding Jackson on tape having sex with his own dog. (Did the dog beg him to do it?)

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The guy that wrote this letter is clearly not very intelligent.  I don't think it was worth actually putting this up for all of us to be subjected to.....

Dennis Russell
Dennis Russell

This just proves that, in spite of all those snowbirds, Florida is truly part of the Deep South.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

wow... as I said in the first story.. there are a lot of really sick individuals in this world and Frank there just proved it...

Ra Ra
Ra Ra

The only brands I like from a man is Versace, Dolce, Tiffany, etc.

Jeannette Passaretti
Jeannette Passaretti

Wait. Who is this "they" who convicted George Zimmerman? Is it the same "they" who tell this guy that women really want, excuse me, "deserve", to be dominated by him? Yeah. That's what I thought.

fishingblues topcommenter

Looks like you are just a wee bit sensitive that you got spanked by a masochist, huh Matt?

Flyer9753 topcommenter


Question. What did Matt do to you to piss you off so much that you spend what little life you obviously don't have attacking (wrongly no less) him at every opportunity? 

Just wondering why you are so sensitive and butt hurt??

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