Two 15-Year-Old Kids Accused of Unrelated Murders Lived a Mile Apart From Each Other

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This year, two Valley 15-year-olds have been accused of murder, in two completely separate incidents.

The two suspects, Ladajianna Mosely and Leonard Moreno, lived about a mile apart from each other.

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The crimes were very different. Mosely was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing a 17-year-old boy in March while she was playing around with a gun they stole in a home burglary.

Moreno, a wannabe gangster, shot and killed a detention officer for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, for no apparent reason, according to police.

Interestingly, though, they both lived in nearby west Phoenix neighborhoods just south of the small city of Tolleson -- off Lower Buckeye Road, between 83rd and 91st Avenues.

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Although it might seem like a coincidence, murder isn't really rare in the area.

Two of "Baseline Killer" Mark Goudeau's victims were operating a food-truck at 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road when they were murdered in 2006.

About a mile south of there, at 93rd Avenue and Elwood Street, two children were beaten to death with a baseball bat at random by Joe Sauceda Gallegos in a park, two days before Christmas in 2008.

Murders around that little city of Tolleson aren't exactly uncommon, and neither is gang violence.

New Times has covered multiple shootings involving home-owners and burglars in the area, too.

Maybe it's not that surprising that two alleged 15-year-old murderers live in the same neighborhood -- but it's troubling, for sure.

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The punishment might be harsher because he killed a detention officer.


He is going to be somebody's bitch in jail if he is not so already.

Danielle Doctor
Danielle Doctor

The crash in the housing market created it. The availability of low cost housing brought many people to that area. They're all new homes in that area that took a huge hit.


If you instead draw lines from points a and b to mexico and africa, and then download the zodiac killer's map of mt. diablo and lay it over the mexican/african map, you'll see that they do not line up at all, providing substantial evidence that these two feral animals are not the zodiac killer(s).


Like I told you people before it would only be a matter of time before the shooter was caught. The maggot will now pay the price for what he did and pay dearly. Can you visualize how he will be treated by the victim's fellow correctional officers? 

Carolyn Vasos Fidler
Carolyn Vasos Fidler

Has anyone read about how lead paint or leaded gas can cause people to be violent? Perhaps that maybe the connection, if the houses were built at the same time, etc. It's the reason they say our crime rate overall has gone down, but some areas still have it.


that's what I call journalism and good detective work Hendley. you connected the dots A and B pretty well

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