Mayor Greg Stanton, Councilman Bill Gates Won't Approve Contract for Next City Manager Allowing Pension Spiking

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Ed Zuercher, David Cavazos
Mayor Greg Stanton and Councilman Bill Gates released a statement -- just before the Phoenix City Council considered the appointment of an Interim City Manager -- pledging not to approve a contract that would permit the next city manager to engage in pension spiking.

That is, the two said they would not support a contract that allows for unused sick and vacation time to be a part of the calculation for long-term pension payouts.

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Pension spiking is a practice in which employees inflate their pensions by applying unused sick days or vacation days to their final salaries before retiring. When that happens, taxpayers are on the hook for larger-than-normal pension payouts for those retirees.

City officials are expected this afternoon to appoint Assistant City Manager Ed Zuercher as Interim City Manager. He'll start his new post when David Cavazos steps down on Oct. 16, and will continue until a national search for a permanent city manager is complete.

"As I've said before, pension spiking undermines the public's trust that compensation for our employees is fair - it needs to end," Stanton states in the news release.

Gates adds: "Setting a clear line that we will end pension spiking for our next city manager is the right thing to do."

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Thanks to Salvatore "the Snake" DiCiccio for voting to allow Cavazos to pad his pension under the lie that Cavazos would need his 70 thousand + raise to insure that Cavazos would "remain" in Phoenix. Nice job Salvatore, you asshole!


We all caught a break when our last city manager Rico Suave, happily sold us all out for a buck. (whew!) This time, shoot for someone more Frank Fairbanks and not so much a caricature of any generic egomaniac slickster. Have we checked to see what Frank is up to these days? It's just that he's a sure shot and our aim was so far off last time. It's one phone call and the worst he could do is decline our offer.    


I can't believe this issue was not a big of issue for the Phoenix City Council Candidates.  Albeit those candidates that raised buku bucks from out of their districts and state are the same ones that will continue to support this "Get Rich" behavior.  

I want to know what the Phoenix City Council candidates think about this crap.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

This "pension spiking" is an out-and-out fleecing of the taxpayers and the next city manager absolutely should not get such a perk no matter how experienced he is. Cavazos is a ripper-offer for talking the council into giving it to him. Imagine receiving more in compensation in retirement than you got while on the job! Now he's headed to Santa Ana where his base salary will be something like $500,000 annually.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@eric.nelson745 Eric, I believe his base compensation at Santa Ana will be $315K, and total compensation may reach $500K with car, housing, phone, and beach cabana allowances....

In my opinion the pension spiking needs to be stopped, by all employees regardless of rank or position, public safety or not (speaking from the position of a retired public safety employee).

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