Is Paul Goldschmidt the MVP Right Now?

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Photo by Jim Louvau

If you stopped watching the Arizona Diamondbacks and their mediocre season, we can't blame you.

But allow us to point something out -- this morning, Paul Goldschmidt is hitting .301, and is first in the National League in home runs, RBI, slugging percentage, and OPS, and is third in the NL in runs and walks.

Goldie for MVP?

Obviously, the MVP award usually goes to a guy on a team that's good (speaking of which, can you imagine how awful the Diamondbacks would be without him?).

It seems a little weird not to consider the guy who's leading the league in almost all of the traditional batting statistics isn't the MVP.

If the season ended today (it does end a couple weeks from now) do you think Goldschmidt should be the MVP?

Cast your vote below:

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Keith Showalter
Keith Showalter

Of the MLB???? Good God no, what kind of question is that?

Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas

Great season, but our finish and his second half numbers, no.

Jeannette Passaretti
Jeannette Passaretti

It's between Goldy and Andrew McCutcheon, both of whom are deserving. But whether or not the MLB will give it to a player on a non-major market team remains to be seen. I hope they do the right thing.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Baseball been berry berry good to me


@Keith Showalter there is no MVP of the MLB only MVP of AL and NL

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