Illegal Immigration May Be on the Rise Again

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Although the estimated number of unauthorized immigrants into the United States dropped off after 2007, researchers think that number may be on the rise again.

After estimating a peak of 12.2 million unauthorized immigrants in the country in 2007, the Pew Research Center estimated that number dropped to 11.3 million by 2009, and now estimates 11.7 million unauthorized immigrants are in the country.

The problem is, it's unclear if that's actually a rise in unauthorized immigrants, since it falls within the large margin of error.

You can probably imagine why it would be difficult to estimate how many undocumented immigrants there are.

Pew concedes that the new estimate is "in a statistical sense is no different from the 2009 estimate," but does cite other indications that there was an increase.

Following a recession-related decline, U.S. unauthorized immigration may be on the rise

Interestingly, although the number of Mexican unauthorized immigrants appears to have decreased, the number of non-Mexican unauthorized immigrants appears to have increased, according to Pew's research.

In fact, Pew estimated last year that more Mexican immigrants crossed the border back into Mexico than came into the United States.

However, it's still not clear which way unauthorized immigrants are flowing.


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Yes the key word here is ILLEGAL Immigration. Need I say more?

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Interesting to note that the increase in illegal immigrants comes during George HW Bush's term and only about 3 1/2 years after IRCA was signed by Ronald Reagan.

It also should be noted that since the Republican Party's founding in 1859 there have been more Republican presidents than Democratic presidents.

And it should be noted that Republican presidents have signed amnesty bills into law. Ulysses Grant signed the Amnesty Act of 1872. It forgave the Confederates. Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which granted amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants.

Luis Antonio Salazar
Luis Antonio Salazar

If we had the Canada Immigration ideology or system we would not have this problem.

Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

^bullshit. Theyre just better at receiving handouts. I had to go out and look for a job, not stand on a corner and wait for one to come to me.


I think some compromise could be in the works, which to me
would be a cap on Stem workers (Scientists, digital techs, Engineers and
mathematicians) in that category of highly skilled workers and scholars. They
should be given a special preference along with immediate family
members for working visas. The cap would be in the number of entries allowed on
an annual basis; if they have the availability of a job? What we don’t need is
an out of control importation of foreigners. If we must have foreign Guest
Workers, they must be strictly regulated and the majority of their wages
withhold and returned to them once back in the country of origin. Millions already
arrive here legally each year and that doesn’t denote we should financially
support every person who sneaks in here illegally.

In a new House and Senate law, any illegal entry after a definite
deadline should be prosecuted as a felony, not a civil violation.
Anybody really believes there are only 11 million illegal aliens already living in the United States, need their heads examined?

Every business owner who has no mitigating circumstances and
implicated in hiring foreign nationals, should get a mandatory jail sentence of
at least 1 year, including a hefty fine.

The number of immigration officers, either U.S. Border Patrol
or ICE, should have an equal number of agents to control the border, with
interior enforcement by ICE following through on Whistle Blower accusations
against businesses, and the Border Patrol to observe activity through the new
arrangement cameras, drones and equipment along the border. As an original policy
of the 1986 Secure Fence Act, another seven hundred miles of double layer

What is the most paramount expensive payout in the hundreds
of billions of dollars? It’s the bad misinformation doctrine of “The Birthright
Citizenship Act” This was predestined and ONLY meant for children/babies of U.S.
citizens. The real law was to acclaim those slaves and their descendants had a
right to citizenship, not the offspring of illegal aliens. This has been a
significant pathway for pregnant Mothers to dodge border enforcement and at
airline terminals.

Just remember California State Senator Nancy Pelosi, who is now pressing for own immigration reform measure. She has an ulterior motive, as she and her husband use a lot of central California acreage and much is grape plantations. That kind of lucrative asset needs a lot of cheap labor?

Angeles: A Failed City— Poverty kept rising in Los Angeles post-recession, data

By Stephen Frank on 09/20/2013 of California
News & Views.

Former Mayor Phony Antonio raised billions in new bonds, now being paid off
by those left behind in LA. The city has a policy of allowing criminals
from foreign countries free reign on our streets, to steal jobs, crowd our
schools and hospitals. Los Angeles
is now a mess. Now we know the financial cost of this affair with
criminals and taxes.

“The numbers are another sign of continued suffering after the economic
downturn: More than 17% of people in the Los Angeles,
Long Beach and Santa
Ana metropolitan area lived below the poverty line
last year. That number rose year by year since 2007, when roughly 13% lived in

Millions of illegal aliens in California
displacing African-Americans in the workplace, and Liberals cry and wring their
hands over what they call "fairness".

Economic hardship is even more common within the city of Los Angeles, where
the share of people living in poverty rose from 18.5% to more than 23% between
2007 and 2012, the new figures show.”

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

This is hardly unexpected, especially with the uptick in the housing industry. Truth is, home builders would be hard pressed to keep up with the demand if they didn't have access to cheap labor. And where would this infusion of cheap labor come from? "South of the border, down Mexico way."

fishingblues topcommenter

No kidding, and why wouldn't it be.  We  practically beg people from poor, oppressed countries to come here and offer them a whole cornucopia of entitlements.  Now the government is saying 'hurry up and get here amnesty is imminent' and 'we're  not enforcing the laws anyway'.  

I would be all for it except for two problems:

1.  The country can't afford it.

2.  The vast majority will vote for more entitlements.   


@Marco Cruz, which means that since u don't have a job right now, u r getting handouts ah? what is it?...probably UI, NA (food stamps) & why not; probably SS as well, then blame the UNDOCUMENTED. See marco, usually when individuals like urself say shit like that, is because that's exactly what u r doing.


@davej.francis, nice spin there davej, u should b spining a sign on a street corner, seems that ur more than qualified 4 that......THE SKY IS FALLING.


I Bet Your Landscaper Is An Illegal AndYou Enjoy The Low Cost Service They Provide.

fishingblues topcommenter

@eric.nelson745   It is not so much "cheap labor" as skilled labor.  Unfortunately, with the influx of the 'entitlement mentality' in this country, no one wants to work hard anymore.  There are very few Americans left that possess the skills required to build a house.   The Mexican worker personifies the hardest and most diligent working group I have ever seen.  Therefore, if it wasn't  for the worker from across the border, it wouldn't be more expensive houses, it would be no houses being built at all.  


@eric.nelson745 - Not true, costs for labor would increase just like other places in the US that is not flooded with aliens.  Journeyman carpenter in AZ= $19.80/hr.  Journeyman in Chicago= $39/hr, Journeyman in Kansas City= $35/hr

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@fishingblues What entitlements? Old Prune Face announced last week that no undocumented persons can get drivers licenses, not just the Dreamers. Non-citizens cannot receive Social Security, Medicare or Workmens Comp benefits. Nor can they vote, despite what the Teabaggers try to allege.

jonnyquest topcommenter

Of course you recognize that the entitlements available to the poor and oppressed from other countries are the same as those available to the poor and oppressed US citizens.

jonnyquest topcommenter

A large number of citizens are voting for more entitlements. Even here in AZ there wasn't enough support to put expanded Medicaid on the ballot.


@fishingblues @eric.nelson745 - again, not true, labor costs increase in areas with less Mexican labor.  However construction cost in general do not increase with higher hourly costs.  Production actually increases almost enough to cover the higher hourly costs.  SF production is much higher in Chicago and KC that make up for the labor difference.  How do you think a house gets built in Fargo, ND?

john043012 topcommenter

@fishingblues In 1990 a house framer was making 15.00 dollars an hour when all of a sudden the illegals started showing up on job sites willing to work for less causing the blue collar worker to be forced out. Today we have a work force in that industry willing to work for 8.50 an hour with at best a 3rd grade education. I ask you would you buy a house built by 3rd grader's ?

fishingblues topcommenter

@eric.nelson745    Eric, I suspect you already know the answer, but I'll bite.  People here Illegally can and do receive:  free schooling including free breakfast and lunches (they are not paying property taxes), free medical, food stamps, free legal, not regular social security - but SSI,  medicaid, and for the enterprising (and larcenous) tax rebates for aid to dependent children.

In addition to the costs for "freebies" there is the cost of incarceration and deportation, other crimes (which are above the citizen average), suppression of wages and the systematic loss of American capital sent back to their home countries.   Additionally, many of the people crossing illegally are terrorists, drug dealers, felons, and other undesirables.  

fishingblues topcommenter

@john043012   By the way, I had a crew in San Antonio, in the 70's, that could construct all 2" lumber (cut roof) in one day.  They were brothers and citizens.  

Can anyone do that today?  If one could, I venture a guess it would net more than $8.50/hour.    

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Oh, I forgot. They get virtually free medical care in the ER. And at "Mi Clinica."

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@fishingblues @eric.nelson745 Yes. But they cannot receive Workmens Comp, Unemployment Comp and really just about anything else that is only available to U.S. citizens. School, yes. ASU, yes but illegals have to pay for tuition and books, etc. like everyone else. You're also right concerning remittances to Mexico. There's no reason why they can't. The money sent to support their families back home is like pissing in the ocean compared to the perennial unequal balance of payments. You can blame that on China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore ad infinitum. That is because we don't make stuff here anymore. Even your kid's softball was probably made in China.

fishingblues topcommenter

@shadeaux14 @fishingblues   Come on shad, that's stretching it a bit far, counting rent as property tax.  I bet the owner doesn't see it that way

I might counter that the unions have done much more to ruin our economy (not to mention many companies and more than a few politicians) than Walmart paying what the market dictates.  



As far as their not paying property taxes, where do you think a portion of their monthly rent goes, or do you believe all the undocumented are home owners?

As far a suppression of wages, Sam Walton has done that better than all the immigrants put together.

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