HB 2305, Republicans' New Elections Law, Likely to Be Blocked by Petition Signatures

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A sticker that's a lot harder to get under House Bill 2305.

Opponents to Arizona's House Bill 2305, a Republican-supported omnibus elections law, turned more than enough signatures to block the bill from taking effect until voters can decide on it next year.

The Protect Your Right to Vote Committee says it delivered approximately 146,000 signatures to the Secretary of State yesterday, and only 86,405 of those need to be validated for the issue to land on the ballot.

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The bill was passed toward the end of the last session, and kind of came as a surprise. It criminalizes volunteers picking up on dropping off others' ballots, it makes it easier for county officials to remove voters from the permanent early-voting list, makes it much harder for third-party candidates to make it onto ballots, and creates difficult technical rules for citizen initiatives -- such as the referendum more than 146,000 people signed to let voters decide on the law instead.

It's been theorized that it was an attempt by Republicans to keep themselves in office, because that's exactly what it looks like.

Consider the provision to keep people from collecting and dropping off ballots. Volunteers with groups like Citizens for a Better Arizona collected ballots in their efforts to defeat (Republican) Russell Pearce in his comeback, and during what proved to be (Republican) Sheriff Joe Arpaio's re-election -- votes that may not have been counted had those volunteers not gone door-to-door, offering to deliver the ballots for the voters.

By dramatically increasing the number of signatures third-party candidates need, it helps keep them off the ballot. Several butt-hurt, loser Republicans in the most recent election speculated that Libertarian candidates in their races were to blame for Democrats defeating them.

Naturally, since Republicans passed this as an omnibus elections bill -- with all of their genius ideas in one bill -- it wasn't very difficult for the group fighting the law to find plenty of people to sign the referendum, including Democrats and third-party supporters.

A spokesman for the committee says they had more than 25 nonprofit organizations working together to push this referendum.

So, if enough signatures are valid (it would seem pretty extraordinary if they weren't), then this law won't go into effect until voters can have their say, in the next general election.

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valleynative topcommenter

Keep in mind that the people who will be voting on this issue are the same people who elected the legislature that passed the bill.

fishingblues topcommenter

How would liberals ever get their kind elected if it wasn't for dead people, cartoon characters and illegals being allowed to vote?  


Why would the one party dictatorship pass a law like this? They are in favor of EVERYONE voting. As long as they are white, male, over 65, own multiple handguns, and do not live near a street car line. Of course how long will it take Ken Bennett to find some or multiple reasons to throw the petitions out, microscopic type differences, circulators did not come over on the Mayflower, each page was not signed in blood, etc.

ExpertShot topcommenter

These present day white supremecists will go out the same way their forebears will in the 1960s, in disgrace and with the maximum amount of pathetic bitching and moaning about losing their privledges.  Hell, they might even start a shooting war - they sure are talking about it on their loser circle-jerk discussion groups on the web!


Why the hell are we paying for a legislature when the only way the people have any kind of say is through the initiative process? It seems to be the only way anything relevant gets done.


@fishingblues, do u have any proof of those dead people, cartoon characters and illegals voting? just imagine that: dead people getting out their graves, walking down d street, heading for the voting sites,or bugs bunny, elmer fudd,  garfield, etc,and "illegals", like urself gathered in d same place 2 cast their vote, ha ha ha ha ha. If u r smoking meth, that's likely what is making u see/imagine all that. U know what..u might b talking about some of those right wingers in office right now: gin jan looks like a cadaver... Tom Horne looks like Elmer Fudd, kavanagh?, looks like willie coyote........the illegal could b the clown shurf..could those b d 1s u r talking about? although, they might not b liberals, they fit the description. LMFAOROTFF.


@ReggieVV All of the petitions were gone over with a fine tooth comb. The committee knows what the objections might be, if they arise. They expect a better than 90 percent valid rate. There will be plenty of time to challenge any questionable rulings by the Secretary of State, IF there are any. You can be confident this referendum WILL be on the 2014 general election ballot.

jonnyquest topcommenter

The ones talking about it are the least likely to do anything. Remember when JT Ready did his bow out? Live, US military grenades were found in his stuff. Nothing more has been said about them. No investigation results, no charges, nothing. The only source for US military grenades is the US military.

fishingblues topcommenter

@IdontRecall            I hesitate to reply to the brain-dead but ...............

Do you have any other explanation for how an inept disaster like Obama could get elected, not to mention re-elected?  

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