Eric Harroun, Phoenix Vet Who Fought Syrian Regime, Suddenly Gets a Sweet Plea Deal

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According to an affidavit from FBI Special Agent Paul Higginbotham, Harroun said in one of these interviews that "he hated al-Qaeda, that he did not know any al-Qaeda members, and that he would fight against any regime if it imposed Sharia law in Syria because he was opposed to all forms of oppression."

However, it wouldn't be long before the Justice Department announced allegations that Harroun had been fighting on behalf of al-Qaeda.

According to federal prosecutors, media outlets started talking about Harroun, and in one interview, Harroun described a battle in which he had been separated from his rebel group -- many of whom were killed in action -- and was picked up by another group, which he believed was Jabhat al-Nusra.

Eric Harroun
Although Jabhat al-Nusra also is fighting the Syrian regime, the U.S. government considers it a terrorist organization, due to its ties to al-Qaeda.

Harroun admitted this to the FBI and described how the people from Jabhat al-Nusra "treated him like a prisoner," according to federal prosecutors. Jabhat al-Nusra disarmed Harroun and kept him guarded, he explained. Harroun claimed he spent maybe 25 to 30 days with this group, which eventually accepted him and let him fight alongside them. Harroun explained that he manned a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Harroun voluntarily went back to the United States, under the FBI's suggestion, and was arrested. A grand jury ended up indicting him on charges of providing material support to a terrorist organization and conspiring to possess a weapon of mass destruction, that weapon being the RPG.

But not so fast -- a pair of experts on the Syrian conflict said it was highly unlikely Harroun was fighting for Jabhat al-Nusra, despite what he told the FBI and media outlets.

Federal prosecutors provided two experts who did find it plausible that Harroun was fighting for the group, but outside of the admission, Agent Higginbotham conceded in a hearing, per court transcripts, that the charges are "based primarily off of his statements" and that there's no independent evidence to corroborate all of this.

During a bond hearing for Harroun months ago, U.S. District Judge Ivan Davis wasn't convinced that Harroun was fighting "with an organization he believed was al-Qaeda in Syria. Because I think it was clear from the testimony that there is no corroboration for that conclusion."

An assistant U.S. Attorney wouldn't say whether Harroun would have been charged had he only fought for the Free Syrian Army, although Judge Davis pressed him on the question several times.

Harroun's federal public defender, Geremy Kamens explained, "Never, to my knowledge, has the United States ever charged an American citizen for fighting alongside a group that is aligned with the U.S. interest, and that changes the equation with respect to the consideration and evaluation of the danger to this community."

Harroun's sudden plea deal now comes in the wake of the United States' increasing involvement in the situation in Syria. Harroun was sentenced to time served, so he'll be released from custody instead of spending a few years in prison, as the sentencing guidelines suggest.

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Need we any more proof that "al Qaeda" is and always has been a hoax controlled by the US and Israeli governments?  McCain, Graham, this al Qaeda terrorist and any other American who thinks we should use the US military help al Qaeda in Syria by attack Assad should be tried, convicted and executed for treason. 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I will begin by saying that Mr Harroun is no idealist, but a stupid idiot who got in over his head. It is also true that the U.S. Attorney settled for probation and time served due to the simple fact that he doesn't know whether Harroun fought alongside an Al-Kaida affiliated group. Truth is, U.S. intel doesn't really know who are the good rebels and who are the bad rebels. And even if he was among good rebels, they could become bad in an instant. Remember the Mujahadeen who we were supporting during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Well, I'm here to tell you that they are now known as the Taliban. Regardless of all that, I'm all for swatting Harroun. Anyone who does what he did, no matter what motivated them, has no business fighting for anything but the USA. Now we need to redouble our efforts to capture, try and execute Adam Gadahn aka Al-Amriki (the American). Even though I'm opposed to capital punishment, I would gladly stick the needle in his arm.


Told you he still worked for the government.  You Media morons don't comprehend anything.

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