Equality Arizona Endorses Kate Gallego in Phoenix's District 8 City Council Race

Categories: Election 2013

Describe your future plans while in office and beyond as it pertains to EQAZ and the LGBTQ community.

My plan is to ensure that both the nondiscrimination and domestic partnership policies stay in tact. Should anyone on the council think about denying equal protection to the LGBTQ community when it comes to housing, employment, hospital visitation rights, domestic-partner health benefits, and civil unions - they're going to have to fight me toe to toe. I have taken on Governor Meacham, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and been in that arena my entire life, and I have a history of winning those fights.

The City of Phoenix recently amended its nondiscrimination policy to prohibit discrimination in matters of housing, employment and leisure facilities on the basis of disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. How would you have voted on this ordinance?

I would have voted "yes" - as I believe no person should be discriminated against based on color, income, creed or sexual orientation.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It's been barely over a century since the Mormon Church officially denounced plural marriage and they seem to be on the cusp of declaring that same-sex marriage is something that can't be held back for much longer. Surely as well there is a significant chunk of Mormon manhood that would like to see polygamy legalized. As for Pastor Stewart, well he said what he said and meant what he meant. That position is unlikely to strengthen his candidacy for Phx city council. Go Kate GO!

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