Equality Arizona Endorses Kate Gallego in Phoenix's District 8 City Council Race

Categories: Election 2013

I am a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights and candidates. I have been active in the fight for marriage equality, creating the first door-to-door campaign for young people to campaign against Prop 107 in 2006 and more recently, as chair of candidate recruitment for the Arizona Democratic Party, recruiting LGBTQ candidates to run for office in Maricopa County.

I was the only District 8 candidate to speak in favor of the anti-discrimination ordinance at the city council hearing. I have worked with many technology companies in other states and know that they value equality--they won't move invest in a community unless they know it welcomes their employees. I believe my business background allows me to use jobs-related arguments to reach out to citizens who have not been receptive to other arguments in favor of equality.

Here are some of Stewart's responses in that same questionnaire, one he answered to "alleviate any mischaracterizations ... regarding my stance on human rights."

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It's been barely over a century since the Mormon Church officially denounced plural marriage and they seem to be on the cusp of declaring that same-sex marriage is something that can't be held back for much longer. Surely as well there is a significant chunk of Mormon manhood that would like to see polygamy legalized. As for Pastor Stewart, well he said what he said and meant what he meant. That position is unlikely to strengthen his candidacy for Phx city council. Go Kate GO!

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