Equality Arizona Endorses Kate Gallego in Phoenix's District 8 City Council Race

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Kate Gallego, Warren Stewart
Kate Gallego's impressive performance in the August race for a seat representing Phoenix's Eighth District has earned her an endorsement from Equality Arizona.

Gallego nearly won the race outright with 47 percent, but was just shy of the 50-percent-plus-one threshold needed to avoid the November 5 runoff election.

Pastor Warren Stewart, one of several other candidates in the District 8 race, came in second place with 21.85 percent of the votes, or 2,882 ballots. By comparison, voters cast 6,207 ballots for Gallego.

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Citing Gallego's "proven record of support for the LGBTQ community," the non-profit organization voted to support her over Stewart.

Equality Arizona is an advocacy group working to "secure, protect and defend equal civil rights" of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in Arizona.

Rebecca Wininger, president of EQ AZ, said in a statement announcing their support of Gallego that "District 8 needs a strong advocate for equality, and Kate is clearly the right choice for this role. We believe she will do right by our community and all the people in her district."

Stewart, senior pastor of the First Institutional Baptist Church, has come under fire from the LGBT community for a letter he wrote after President Barack Obama publicly supported same-sex marriage.

In that letter, which has since been removed from the church's website, Stewart wrote that "supporters of same-sex marriage are contributing to the widespread dysfunction of marriage" and "that the legalization of same-sex marriage will eventually lead to the legalization of polygamy."

Scott Phelps, Stewart's campaign spokesman, previously has told New Times that Stewart addressed his views on same-sex marriage early on in the campaign.

"I think he freely admits that as a Baptist minister, 'Same-sex marriage in the church is not something I'm going to be able to do," Phelps says. "But when it comes to civil unions and all the benefits, his view is that, 'I'm there for you, and I'll fight with you.'"

Stewart has acknowledged the struggles of the LGBTQ community in campaign speeches.

"Let's face it, we have things to talk about," Stewart said in a speech delivered early in his campaign. "We need to reach out to the Latino community and the LGBT community -- and make their challenges our own."

In answer to an EQ AZ questionnaire that appeared in Echo Magazine, Gallego outlined her longstanding support on behalf of the LGBTQ community.

She wrote:

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It's been barely over a century since the Mormon Church officially denounced plural marriage and they seem to be on the cusp of declaring that same-sex marriage is something that can't be held back for much longer. Surely as well there is a significant chunk of Mormon manhood that would like to see polygamy legalized. As for Pastor Stewart, well he said what he said and meant what he meant. That position is unlikely to strengthen his candidacy for Phx city council. Go Kate GO!

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