Debra Milke and Jerice Hunter Get Trial Dates on Murder Charges, and More

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Welcome to Courthouse Update, a weekly rundown goings-on at the Maricopa County Superior Court.

This week was big for women accused of murder -- two women get trial dates for murder charges, Jodi Arias' next court hearing will be closed, and more:

  • Debra Milke gets a trial date

  • court-milke.jpg
    A court date was set in December for Debra Milke, who was on death row for more than two decades before a federal appeals court overturned Milke's conviction for the murder of her son. Judge Rosa Mroz set a trial date for February 2015. Milke's currently out on bond.

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Next page: Jerice Hunter headed to court

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Plead out Milke to manslaughter and time served. Otherwise Monte is gonna lose.

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