Best of Phoenix 2013 Political Edition: The Worst of the Best

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Jesse Lenz
Editor's Note: In honor of this week's edition of Best of Phoenix, we bring you the Worst of the Best - the political edition. Enjoy.

Patrick Faricy
Best Head in Sand Politician
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne

When Tom Horne bested former Maricopa County Attorney Andy Thomas in a squeaker of a GOP primary for Arizona Attorney General, we were elated. Horne, a relative moderate, was a Republican we could live with. He was no power-mad, wild-eyed right-wing fanatic like Thomas, who was later disbarred for his shenanigans. But Horne has turned out to be corrupt in a whole different way, hiring his alleged mistress as an Assistant Attorney General to the tune of $108K per year, and creating a mini-Watergate in order to cover the affair up. This led to an FBI investigation, allegations of flouting campaign finance laws and obstruction of justice, and an embarrassing fender-bender outside his mistress's apartment, witnessed by FBI agents. But Horne is shameless, and so is determined to run for re-election, despite his laundry-list of transgressions. Head in sand? Actually, head in different dark corner, one connected Horne himself, seems more appropriate.

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Wow. I guess all those ads for strip clubs, massage parlors, escort services and multiple stories about porn stars does allow you to take the high road in the end.

Its gonna be a sad day for you when Joke dies- whatever will you write about then?
I guess not much.

New Times - The Pennysaver with Porn.


How about "Greatest Use of Tinfoil in a Hoss Cartwright Hat"? Judy Burges, Sun City lunatIc.

valleynative topcommenter

I'm tired of being manipulated into clicking 10 different links to read an article.


What, no "Most Embarrassing Politician"

My vote would have to go to Stinky Finger Jan Brewer

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