Best of Phoenix 2013: Best Sports Moments

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In honor of this year's edition of Best of Phoenix, we bring you the best sports moments of the year.

5.) Joe Garagiola retires

Baseball Collection via Flickr
1952 Topps No. 227, Joe Garagiola
Best Sports Legend: Joe Garagiola

We'd been hearing Joe Garagiola's gravelly voice our whole waking lives. It was always a comfort to hear him broadcasting baseball games for NBC and, since moving to the Valley, off-and-on with the Arizona Diamondbacks, with whom his son, Joe Jr., used to be an exec. Joe Sr. always was a wise and wisecracking presence. When he retired from broadcasting recently -- to much fanfare by the Diamondbacks -- we got a lump in our throats to think a presence from our sports-crazed youth no longer would be a mainstay.

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