ASU to Freshmen: "Do Not Drink the Paint"


Isn't there some sort of joke about Arizona State University's seemingly generous acceptance rate?

It makes a warning to freshmen to avoid drinking paint seem fitting.

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The university uploaded a video of the annual tradition of freshmen painting the "A" on "A" Mountain white, and sure enough, the spot where the freshmen pick up the paint gives them the warning to not drink it.

Sure, the paint's in little paper cups, and maybe the kids are itching for some water. That doesn't mean there's not some humor in telling supposedly college-ready youngsters to not drink paint.

It looks like the sign may not have gotten through to everyone, though:

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There probably would be no need for the sign if not for this being a problem in the past. The biggest surprise about this article is the correct spelling of each word on the sign. Grad school stuff right there.


If they're dumb enough to drink the paint, let em. Good indicator of future Tea Party throwbacks.


Matthew Hendley with another outstanding report. Thanks for this insight into ASU and life.

valleynative topcommenter

Of course, the real message of the sign isn't, "it's bad to drink paint", but rather, "the liquid in these paper drink cups is paint, and not a refreshing beverage".

I'm sure the college-ready youngsters understand that.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@valleynative  with all the hits to the education system in the last 20 some odd years..........................i might have to disagree with you. (on the  college ready youngsters understanding)

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@valleynative Only you saw the truth in the message. Paint has an intoxicating odor. In the cup it can be mistaken for a pina colada or a white russian. Hehe.

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