ASU Students Explain Why They Want Sugar Daddies

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We've been skeptical about a website that claims Arizona State University is among the top schools in the nation for female students seeking "sugar daddies" -- old dudes who will pay for their things.

After seeing a video of ASU students explaining what they want out of their "sugar daddies," we're a little more inclined to believe them.

The website's PR team has several ways of describing the types of people -- college-aged women and older, wealthy gentlemen -- it tries to hook up on the Internet. It's a "mutually beneficial arrangement website," they call it -- you know, for ladies who are seeking "creative solutions to offset the costs of higher education."

They claim more than 400 ASU students are on the website and claim to have taken an on-campus poll in which just 1 percent of female students completely ruled out having any sort of hypothetical sugar daddy. Scientific? Probably not.

However, as you can see in the video below, it looks like people working for the website didn't have too much trouble finding students on the campus who seemed fairly open to the idea:

The average, um, "sugar baby," gets $3,000 a month from the "sugar daddy," the website claims.

Gentlemen, this is exactly why you should've been an engineer. Or maybe a doctor, or a lawyer.

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Why do they want sugar daddies? Because they're skanks.

Any other simple questions you need answered?

fishingblues topcommenter

Big freaking deal.  Adults should be able to do whatever they want as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.  


In my opinion this is posibly A RING OF PROSTITUTION & A SCAM....where the "sugar baby" (d prostitute), is able 2 hand pick a "sugar daddy", who can no longer get it up, but 4 some tongue twisting, thus the prostitute doesn't get plugged during the relationship and that's when d scam takes place.....a win-win situation 4 the whore...err.....the "sugar baby" & probably her actual boyfriend.


If you don't work, you don't eat.  Earn your keep.  Nothing in life is free or easy.  

Learn it now, or forever be owned by a Sugar Daddy or a husband that gives you an allowance.

It's a shame that some of these girls really believe that someone owes them something --  thank their parents.....   And then thank them when some of them resort to Craig's List, Backpage, stripping or monthly trips to Vegas to "earn" tuition money.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

You know that sugar daddies aren't just for chicks. Just about every "star" player for a nationally-ranked football program has a guardian angel alumnus. He's so dedicated to keeping old rah-rah in the rankings that his favorite future NFL player is supplied with an apartment, money, a car and private tutors. Everyone knows this and from time to time a scandal emerges.


Proof that "Rich" and "Smart" are not necessarily synonymous.


BTW, the website is lying when they say they don't have fake profiles.

One of their pictures was taken from this site and Arie Ayashii is not looking for a sugar daddy.

That picture has been on their website for over a year.  Most dating websites that offer really attractive women have almost exclusively fake pictures and profiles.  It's not like some horny old man is going to humiliate himself by suing them for ripping him off.

So valleynative is closest to the truth, some hot chicks were paid to hold up a sign.  If you want sex with them I'd suggest buying a Ferrari and trolling the Mill Ave bars instead of blowing your money at some sugar daddy website.

david_saint01 topcommenter

all i have to say is, ladies..get a job, that doesnt require you to lay on your back, and you'll go far in life. 


Way to make your parents proud girls.


Call the "sugar babies" what they really are: highly paid hookers.

These wealthy older men aren't giving these (very attractive) young women thousands of dollars to "offset the costs of higher education" because they're such kind-hearted souls. They are doing it because they want a hot young thing to fuck. These girls are basically spreading their legs to pay for school.

Kind of sad that more girls than ever seemingly have to resort to whoring themselves to pay for college, but it probably has always happened on some level, everywhere. They don't call "the world's oldest profession" for nothing. 

Just legalize, regulate and tax prostitution already. At least then we can be honest about what "sugar daddies" and their "sugar babies" are doing....

"I will fuck you if you pay my tuition."

valleynative topcommenter

Of course, we don't really know that those women are open to anything beyond holding up a sign.


They ARE earnging thier keep.... Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession :-)



Instead they should lay on their backs for free?  Or swap it for dinner and a movie?

And NFL players should get a job that doesn't require them to get smashed every weekend?

Working 9-5 washing dishes for $312/week before taxes doesn't sound like much of a life either.

whateveryousay topcommenter

@getmeouttahere 3K a month to have liberal sexy time with a cute young lady is way less costly than my ex-wife.  



College girls have sex, or as you put it they "spread their legs".  That's a fact.  College boys have sex too, so do older women and men.

So is it people having sex that bothers you?

It can't be people getting paid for their time because that bothers you because most people sell themselves by the hour or week.

I think what it really might be is the idea that you are less likely to be able to talk some hot college girl into having sex with you in exchange for dinner and a movie when someone much better off than you financially is able to offer them more.

Flyer9753 topcommenter


If you are dumb enough to give someone $3k a month and not demand some booty in return.... Where do I sign up???

You really cannot be that naive to think the girls don't know this and expect it even.


Not fact as I said, we should legalize, regulate and tax prostitution. We have tried to legislate it out of existence for eons; we have failed. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So just accept it already and move on.

What I object to is that the people behind this site sugarcoating the arrangement. This is about wealthy men paying younger women to fuck them. Nothing more, nothing less. If said young women use the money to finance they're college educations, it's still prostitution, and the site is just a place where they can pimp themselves out to wealthy clients. The site owner just can't call it what it is because prostitution is illegal. So just legalize it so we can all be honest about what's going on here. 

That said, there is a pathetic side to it. I've known a few of these "sugar daddy" types, and they strike me as being either middle-aged men who can't accept that they're getting older and desperately hope that fucking a sweet young thing will make them feel 25 again, or they are just mental 25-year-olds themselves who never grew up and are incapable of any sort of relationship with a woman their own age. I've seen them trying to hit on much-younger women in public, and it's kind of pathetic and embarrassing. Basically they pay young women to fuck them because it is the only way they can get young women to have sex with them, and god forbid they have to start having sex with a woman closer to their own age.

As for the girls, I'm sure some of them know full well what they are doing and why, but a lot of girls who "date" much older men have major daddy issues. It's all well and good to sell your body for sex  if you can get away with it, even if you can't be honest about what you are doing because it is technically illegal (though it shouldn't be among consenting adults.) But let's be real: Any plain or overweight girl who puts a profile on this site is not going to get any takers. Looks fade with time; today's 20-year-old hottie is tomorrow's overweight dumpy 40-year-old soccer mom. (Unless of course she can afford plastic surgery, and even then many just end up looking like deformed barbie dolls. Scottsdale is full of them.) So hopefully these sugar babies use their sugar-daddy dollars to get a useful degree, because when their looks inevitably decline, they'll need some other way to make a living.

valleynative topcommenter


I'm talking about the women in the video, which convinced Matthew that this is a fairly common practice.

We have no reason to believe that the girls in the video have any actual intention of becoming anybody's "sugar baby".

All we know is that somebody talked them into holding a sign while they took a picture.

We call this "critical thinking".



Why do you object to then sugar coating it?  

It would be illegal if it was a fuck for money website. 

valleynative topcommenter

@Flyer9753 @valleynative  

Of course I don't know that, but you and Matthew seem to have made up your minds based on a marketing video.  We call this "stupid".

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