Arizona's Most Wanted: Suspects Who Attack, Shoot, Steal Caught on Camera (With Video)

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Welcome to Most Wanted -- New Times' weekly post featuring scofflaws, including suspects in robberies, homicides and assault cases, sex offenders who've absconded, and even "dead beat" parents who aren't shelling out court-ordered child support.

Suspects featured here are presumed innocent -- until a judge or jury says otherwise.
Check out some of the Valley's Most Wanted:

Two-Timing Robbery Suspect

On Saturday, August 17, 2013 at approximately 10:05 pm the suspect entered the AM/PM store at 2230 W. Indian School Road in Phoenix and removed items from the shelf and walked out without paying for the items. The suspect fled the area in a white four-door sedan.

Not a big deal?

Well, later, that same night, at about 10:45 p.m., the suspect returned to the store -- this time with a gun in his hand. He walked directly to the counter and demanded money and cigarettes from the clerk.

He got the goods and then shot the clerk in the leg. He again fled in the white four-door sedan. The clerk was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.   

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Shooting the store clerk for a few packs of smokes, and maybe $200, should be punishable by being drawn and quartered. peace


@robert_graham  The ONLY thing you're going to take in your hands is the jokers flaccid wiener mmmmmmmmmm ma ma  mia that's a spicy meat a ball ! How come you're not talking about your king shit sheriff? Cat got your tongue? Is there a CRIME SUPPRESSION SWEEP COMING UP? Hell no judge got him by the balls and he isn't going to let go! ....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

valleynative topcommenter

@danzigsdaddy @robert_graham 

It's a really, really bad idea to go looking for trouble, and if you're hanging around outside convenience stores hoping to shoot somebody, you might get taken in on a psychiatric hold, at least, but it's legal for a private citizen to use deadly force or the threat of deadly force if it is immediately necessary to prevent certain crimes, including armed robbery.

The problem arises from the dilemma of having to trust the judgment of a person who has decided to "take the law into his own hands".

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@valleynative agreed, but most normal people dont start off conversations with "time to take the law into our own hands" and its even creepier when it comes from twits like Jaffy who evidently have no comprehension of the law either. vigilantism is not defending your self so much as it is patroling and looking for the opportunity to impose law and impose justice as you see Jaffys case........................old Barney Fife there will shoot himself first or whack an innocent bystander. 

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