Arizonans Rack Up 656 DUI Arrests Over Labor Day Weekend

Oregon DOT via Flickr
Over Labor Day weekend, 656 Arizonans celebrated with a good ol' fashioned DUI arrest.

Of those arrests, 126 were for driving of the influence of drugs, which is the highest in recent history.

Even though New Times provided maps with the cops' locations around the Valley for DUI enforcement, it appears that some people didn't get that memo.

It also looks like Labor Day might be an underrated drinking (and driving) holiday, since there were only 367 drivers popped for DUI over the Independence Day weekend.

Interestingly, it looks like cops didn't run into too many designated drivers. Back in 2011, cops doing DUI enforcement pulled over more sober designated drivers than they did DUI suspects. This year, cops found 387 designated drivers, as compared to the 656 DUI suspects.

Check out the stats from the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety below:


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So again only 41% of people stopped were cited for anything. 8,000 Arizonans (more than 1000 per day) were contact by law enforcement for not breaking any law. And of all the stops, 4% were cited for DUI. How much are we spending on this nonsense again.  2000 cops!? I think I know where we can start balancing budgets. . . 


By publishing a map then I guess the New Times condones DUI because they wanted to warn people.

valleynative topcommenter


Publishing the maps doesn't mean that they condone DUI, but when the article begins with:

Drunk driving is bad.
With that out of the way,...

It's easy to get the impression that the writer doesn't mind people driving drunk.


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