Watching the Arizona Cardinals Is Like Watching Groundhog Day Every Sunday

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For Arizona Cardinals fans, waking up on Sundays in the fall is like Bill Murray waking up on February 2 in Groundhog Day.

Even if you didn't watch the Cardinals lose to the New Orleans Saints 31-7 yesterday, you've probably seen this game already -- many times. See, Bill Murray eventually wakes up on February 3, but here's how to recognize the Cardinals' Groundhog Day:

5.) Losing

Lenore Edman via Flickr
Some lady.
So, the Cardinals don't lose every game, but they do lose most of them. No team in NFL history has lost more than the Cardinals (712), and only one team has a worse winning percentage in NFL history. With exception of the three-year Kurt Warner era, the Cardinals have had one winning season since moving here for the 1988 season. In other words, in 25 years in Arizona, the Cardinals have 19 losing seasons, three winning seasons, and three 8-8 seasons. Cardinals fans know all about losing.

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This article in 3 words:  same old cardinals.  

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