Arizona Cardinals Making Foam Finger to Honor Rashad Johnson; Hand Has 4.75 Fingers

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Arizona Cardinals/Twitter

Not only did the Arizona Cardinals lose by 24 points this weekend to the New Orleans Saints -- safety Rashad Johnson also lost about a quarter of the middle finger on his left hand.

In Johnson's honor, the team is working on a special foam finger, on a hand with approximately 4.75 fingers.

Johnson lost his finger while he and the rest of the Cardinals punt team had an extremely difficult time tackling Saints punt returner Darren Sproles in the second quarter.

The replay doesn't really show how Johnson lost part of his finger, but Cardinals reporter Kent Somers said that Johnson took off his glove after the play, and about a quarter of his finger was still in the glove.

Somers said doctors shaved the bone, and lost "about down to [his] first knuckle."

For a guy who just lost a portion of a body part, Johnson's being a damn good sport about it.

For some reason, he even decided to share photos of his finger, which you can see on this next page of this post if you really want to.

The Cardinals' Twitter account posted the above picture of the foam finger, saying the team's "working on a prototype" to honor Johnson.

(See Johnson's actual finger on the next page. Yes, it's disgusting.)

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