Are You Satisfied With the Report on the Yarnell Hill Fire?

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The "deployment site," where the 19 firefighters died.

Fire officials released their report this weekend on the Yarnell Hill Fire, and the deaths of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Despite the number of pages in the report, it provides few relevant details.

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Investigators appear to have very little clue as to what the hotshot crew was doing for about 30 minutes before their deaths.

Some fire officials had made claims about the fire and the hotshots' deaths that weren't detailed in the report. Those same fire officials were the ones presenting the report as a factual account of what happened, and questions at a Saturday morning press conference were deflected repeatedly.

Here's our question this morning: Are you satisfied with this report on the Yarnell Hill Fire?

Cast your vote below:

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Yes we are satisfied. Why shouldn't we be?


no I am not at all satisfied. I want you to know there has been too many avoidable tragedies in the US that ends up with no trial and no accountability and many unanswered questions and always blame and statements that THE ANSWER DIED WITH THE MEN---I think of the loved ones- I think of the person(s) who are still alive who know more & how do they sleep at night? I think of the people of this Yarnell community and due to this avoidable tragedy how many in the years to come will get a concern or even die of it; respiratory illness/lung related diseases. Everyone wants to point fingers and BLAME and that is not what I am here for nor to get into the airtime world- could care less on that yet I do want to tell the truth to POWER- and get justice for the ones who no longer have a voice alive or dead. Some retired officials and police officers state to me be very careful the system does not frame you in some manner and to make sure my original photos vanish- When I hear that, I just put their statements on the back burner yet I have already seen up close how things work so I see now there is truth to what they said to me. I am not asking questions with a demand to be answered yet if I comment what bewilders me because I was there in the same spot they perished that same day- I have a right to inquire what the heck just happened? If Joy went her way- she would be in that spot as the men that died- Some suggested talking about the 19 will not get the truth revealed yet indeed the information being gathered should shed some light as time unfolds- we just want to avoid striking another nail in the coffin with future wildfires- If the media is capable of manipulation so are the "power" folks who run the show- everyone blames everyone- even heard over on Morgan Loew's Witnesses to Yarnell Hill Fire break silence link someone feels we are weirdos and make their stomach sick- and I left them a reply- this is not about us being there at the fire yet it is us being there and some stuff shared since the fire does not compliment what we saw or documented- that's all- it just happens Willis was not transparent in the start probably for liability purpose. the men who died- they deserve better than the blame game I saw and when Willis stated the answer died with the men that is when my photos were shared to the investigators as well to let the world know they were not alone that day 6-30-13.

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