Will the Arizona Cardinals Be "the NFL's Biggest Surprise"?

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ESPN personality Skip Bayless has proclaimed that the Arizona Cardinals will be "the NFL's biggest surprise."

Bayless' job at ESPN just seems to be arguing unpopular opinions, so perhaps this isn't surprising.

However, did you watch the Cards' first preseason game last week against the Green Bay Packers?

Among other things, the Cardinals had:

  • A successful goal-line stand against the Packers' first-team offense
  • A near-40-yard TD pass from Carson Palmer
  • Sacks by both veteran John Abraham and rookie Tyrann Mathieu (although neither sack was on Aaron Rodgers)
  • A Patrick Peterson interception (also not on Rodgers)
  • A shutout

It's encouraging, if anything. At least it doesn't seem like a team that's going to lose 58-0 to the G.D. Seahawks.

But, after last year's shit-show of a season do you really think the Cardinals can turn it around, and become the "NFL's biggest surprise" this year? (We're assuming "biggest surprise" is a good thing.)

Cast your vote below:

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6-10 this season. Superbowl in gdale in 2015. peace

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

My prediction is that at the end of the season we will be saying, "The Cardinals are what we thought they were. They're what we thought they were... the Cardinals are who we thought they were!  if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But, they are who we thought they were." 

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