Top 10 Go Daddy Girl Outfits Christine Jones Should Wear for Her Run for Governor

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Christine Jones (right) -- the Go Daddy Girl running for Arizona governor.
Scottsdale-based Go Daddy wouldn't be the world's largest seller of Internet domain names -- by far -- without its stable of scantily clad sex kittens.

Now that Christine Jones, former general counsel for the company, is running for governor, we can't help wondering how she'd look in some of the outfits that helped make founder Bob Parsons a billionaire. As the Republican gubernatorial candidate's bio states, Jones has testified before Congress numerous times -- was she the inspiration for Go Daddy's controversial and fun C-SPAN-themed 2005 Super Bowl commercial?

Here's Valley Fever's take on some wardrobe options for the campaign:

10. Stick-and-ball phenom Anna Rawson and Christine Jones, depicted here wearing the standard Go Daddy Girl uniform.

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Where is the picture of Christine Jones in her SOPA cheerleading outfit?  

SOPA is the failed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation.  Christine Jones was a VERY vocal in her support of SOPA., her employer at the time, at first supported SOPA.  Then, Go Daddy switched to not supporting SOPA.  After that, Go Daddy switched again to opposing the SOPA legislation.

Eventually, Christine Jones and parted ways.

It seems that at @GoDaddy, Christine Jones was the only one to wear a SOPA cheerleading outfit.


Read her bio...she sounds like a bought-and-paid-for bimbo of the Tea Party, what Jan Brewski would be if she were about 30 years younger. Nothing to see here folks, move along...


I can't tell if this is suppose to be outrage or sarcasm.


@getmeouttahere she is not a bimbo. you should read her bio again she is an amazing woman who would be perfect for the job

valleynative topcommenter


Are you sure you read the right bio? This woman seems to have been the editor of her school's Law Review.  Not really clear how she compares to Brewer.

Do you have a link to whatever it was that you read?




 Bio on her website:

I especially like this little ditty:

"Christine enjoys singing the National Anthem at military events and singing with her church praise team on Sunday mornings." 

 Military, god, country, all wrapped up in one tidy little knot.

Oh and graduating from law school does not mean that you aren't batshit crazy...just ask Andrew Thomas (who is also running for governor...*shudder*....)

valleynative topcommenter

@getmeouttahere @valleynative  

So, in your mind, a person who is patriotic and religious is pretty clearly a Tea Party member?

You don't really like having to deal with a full spectrum of personalities, do you?  More of a "one of us" or "one of them" kind of guy?

The fact that she graduated from law school and held positions of great responsibility says she's tremendously more qualified than Brewer.

If you go through life making snap judgments about people and then re-interpreting the facts to fit your decision, you'll be able to avoid a lot of actual thinking, but you'll make a lot of mistakes, too.  You might consider opening your mind just a little.

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