Tom Horne Pushes for Keystone XL Pipeline Approval in Petition to John Kerry

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Keystone XL protesters in 2011.
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne wants the Keystone XL Pipeline project approved ASAP, citing its supposed benefits in a petition to the Obama Administration.

Horne and 20 other state attorneys general have sent a petition to Secretary of State John Kerry urging the project's approval. But the move seems to be more about showing support for Republicans than any enthusiasm toward the project.

Horne's office didn't issue any news release about the August 9 petition and declined to comment on the matter. The office required a couple of days to locate it a copy of the petition for public release.

The Keystone XL Pipeline won't run through Arizona. But according to Horne and the other states' top cops, the project will "bolster the nation's economy, modernize the country's energy infrastructure, and strengthen our national security."

Only one of the petition's signers was a Democrat: Chris Koster of Missouri. All the others are Republican.

The project has been delayed numerous times due to lawsuits and environmentalist concerns about oil spills and the effect of burning all that new shale oil on Earth's atmosphere. Critics say the project won't create as many jobs as supporters claim, and that it'll actually result in higher gas prices.

Most Americans support the project, polls show.

We don't know if the project is as great as advocates like Horne claim. But we're well aware that our vehicle does not run on solar power.

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Jeremy Paul
Jeremy Paul

Btw, theres no way in hell oil is ever going to 16$ a barrell, maybe a gallon!?

Jeremy Paul
Jeremy Paul

The u.s. is now the largest exporter of oil. Oil is the lifeblood of this planet. You know what happens if you do too many blood transfusions? Wanna know why there's more Eartquakes now than ever? Think about it.

Jeremy Paul
Jeremy Paul

Hell no. Have you seen chasing ice? Its on Netflix.

Todd Morgan
Todd Morgan

No. The oil would be sold abroad on the open market and would have no benefit to the US. My bet is each one of those who signed the petition own a large chunk of petroleum stock.

Sue White
Sue White

No that's a complete nonsurprise!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I suspect higher gas prices would be because of the billions of gallons of fuel needed for construction on the massive project.

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