Timothy Millet Tells Cops He Took "Thousands" of Pictures of Women Inside Fry's Food Stores

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A vendor who works inside Fry's grocery stores admitted to secretly taking "thousands" of photos of women inside the store for "sexual purposes," police say.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 32-year-old Timothy Millet is actually an employee of Nabisco but works inside Fry's stores around the Valley.

Millet was caught after he tried to take a video under a woman's dress at the Fry's on the corner of Warner Road and Cooper Road in Gilbert, but he accidentally touched the woman's leg with his phone, according to the documents.

Millet later told police he just told the woman he was sorry and walked away.

When the woman notified store management and got police involved, Millet admitted to "taking several photographs of random female customers," the documents state.

In this case, he said, he accidentally held the phone upside-down under the woman's dress, so he took a video of her feet and the floor. He deleted the video before police arrived.

However, police say Millet "admitted that he had a sexual addiction and has taken thousands of photos and videos of random women on his cell phone."

Police discovered "hundreds" of these photos and videos on his phone, from several different Fry's locations, according to the documents.

"This is consistent with Timothy's admission of taking thousands of photos," a police probable-cause statement says. "Timothy begins recording the females while inside the store and then follows them outside into the parking lot."

Most of the photos and videos "are focused on the buttocks" of the women, according to court documents.

The woman who finally caught Millet and told police was visibly upset and crying over the incident, according to the documents.

Millet was booked into jail on two felony counts of taking unlawful surreptitious photos.

Timothy Millet

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I worked with this guy years ago at Kraft Foods and their were complaints about him acting strange with women at other stores.Well the person who this was reported to did nothing about it but the make the comment "he would do nothing wrong,he is not like that.he is a good little Mormon Boy". Tim also had the nerve to bash other people's religion,telling other co-workers if your not Mormon your not going to heaven.Well it looks like your not going either.........


And he was never seen by security via cameras?


if he actually touched her can't they also add some kind of sexual assault charge to the freak?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

With all the porn out there, I don't understand why anyone, over-sexed or not, would take this kind of risk. What say you, amateur shrinks?


@GAC67 I agree with you, he needs to be stopped. I have been trying to dig deeper into his situation for some time. I would love some information if you don't mind telling me what you know. Email me at larry_wortman@yahool.com.


Look at Lego thief Thomas Langenbach...guy had a solid exec job prob $150-200k at SAP...yet he steals $30k in Legos over a span of several years. He definitely could have afforded them.

valleynative topcommenter


It might be a (major) step down from rape.  Part of the thrill is in getting what he wants from the woman against her will and in violation of society's rules.

He might also like being able to remember standing next to the woman whose picture he's looking at.


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