"The Dirty's" Nik Richie Boasts of Scoops We Missed in Top 10 List, Says Big Story in Works

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Nik Richie
We can finally say we've been featured in "The Dirty."

And we're not even embarrassed.

Nik Richie, the gossip site's operator, gave New Times a shout-out Tuesday for our walk down memory lane of some of his best news scoops, mentioned a few we missed, and announced he's working on a big story next week that could take down a TV show.

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Richie won't give up just yet which show will be the target of his upcoming scoop, but suggested on Twitter it will cause the cancellation of "a recurring TV show on a major network." He elaborates a bit more on Instagram, saying the effect will be "similar to when I got E! Network to cancel Pretty Wild."

We can't wait. Especially if it involves more topless Playboy models ripping bong hits.

On that same subject, the scandalous Pretty Wild post about Tess Taylor is one of the three past posts from The Dirty that Richie suggests should be on any A-list of his site's biggest news-breakers.

So, to round out Tuesday's Top 10 list, here are Richie's three bonus scoops (with photos, natch):

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Karma's gonna bite that fucker in the ass hard.

ray.stern moderator

@shadeaux14 Don't be a party pooper! The Dirty is still a current news story, given the Anthony Weiner scoop and judge's ruling about the Bengals cheerleader.

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