"The Dirty" Website's 10 Most Newsworthy Posts (With Photos)

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The Scottsdale-based "The Dirty" website has received plenty of attention for its gossip-mongering since Nik Richie founded it in 2007.

But Richie, (whose real name is Hooman Karamian), has never had a summer like this. After posting the latest penis pics and sexting threads of New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, Richie told reporters his company had to purchase new servers to keep up with the tens of millions of page views. The publicity reached another crescendo this month with a less positive, but still interesting, story about a former pro-football player's lawsuit against Richie.

The Dirty's reader-driven content brings together the most base elements of the Internet -- mean, anonymous comments, a mix of true and false info, and floods of gratuitous T&A pictures. But it also publishes news of public interest, as long as the latter phrase is interpreted broadly. Take this quick retrospective tour with us as we look at some of his biggest scoops:

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Erin Andrews, Fox Sports reporter, gets ready for work.

10.) The Dirty wasn't the first to publish nude photos or video of Erin Andrews, the smokin'-hot Fox Sports sportscaster, that were taken through the peephole of her hotel room door. But the site's publication of a couple-dozen of nude shots, along with a smarmy message to Andrews asking her if this was the post her lawyers wanted taken down, drew massive Internet attention for some reason.

See the original post on The Dirty here.

barkley mug shot 123108.jpg
Charles Barkley's mug shot.

9.) Scottsdale police arrest lots of minor celebs, wanna-bes and average Josephines for DUI, but the bust on New Year's Eve of basketball superstar Charles Barkley was special. And, at least according to Richie's website, The Dirty broke the news "hours" before the news media got it.

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