Prescott Valley Woman Tries to Hand Shotgun to Husband, Accidentally Shoots Him Dead

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A Prescott Valley woman attempted to hand a shotgun to her husband Monday, but she accidentally shot him, according to police.

The woman's husband, 56-year-old Gary Wingate, was pronounced dead at the home.

According to a brief from Prescott Valley police, Wingate's wife, 54, told police that they were inside the home when her husband asked for the shotgun for an undisclosed reason.

The woman said she wasn't comfortable handling the firearm "but told investigators she did what her husband asked," police say.

The gun discharged, hitting Wingate in the chest.

According to police, "While it appears to be an accident, this death will be investigated as a homicide until a final ruling can be found based on a completed investigation."

Meanwhile, more than two hours later and more than 200 miles south, in Green Valley -- which is south of Tucson -- a man was shot in the butt by his 3-year-old son.

The man reportedly was target shooting when the youngster grabbed a .22-caliber rifle and sniped his old man in the rear.

The following refresher on Gun Safety 101 courtesy of Prescott Valley PD seems especially fitting right now:
It is important to remember that basic gun safety is paramount when handling firearms. If you are not comfortable handling a firearm, please don't touch it. A firearm should always be treated as loaded and never pointed at anything that you don't wish to shoot. Anyone who owns a firearm is encouraged to seek as much education as possible in order to safely handle the weapon and fully understand the full consequences of owning the firearm and the potential dangers and legal ramifications of discharging the weapon.

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If you are so afraid of a shotgun, why the hell would your finger be on the trigger?!! I have handed my husband his shotgun and you better believe my finger is nowhere near the trigger and I'm pretty sure the barrel was not pointing at him!!! Feel so bad...Gary was my husbands ex-coworker.


About 5 years ago a guy I knew was done in with a shotgun blast in the chest. His wife had her finger on the trigger when he reached for the shotgun.


This story smells of murder! I mean seems these women who kill their husbands by accidental fire arm discharge usually do not get caught till husband #2 gets some lead poisoning!:-)

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