Phoenix Woman Tries to Steal Car, Gets Stumped by Automatic Transmission

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If you can't figure out how to get this car to move, auto theft is probably not the right career for you.

Every so often, you'll see stories from around the country about wannabe car thieves who don't make off with their new ride because they don't know how to operate a manual transmission.

However, police say a woman who tried to steal a car in Phoenix got stumped by an automatic transmission.

According to police, a man was dropping off his kids at a home near 35th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard on Saturday evening and left the car running on the driveway while he went inside the home with the youngsters.

The man ran back outside after he heard his engine revving and saw that a woman, 19-year-old Jasmine Hernandez, was in the driver's seat of his vehicle, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The owner of the vehicle (make and model were not specified in court filings) opened the door in an attempt to prevent her from getting away and saw that she was frantically using the levers that adjust the lights and windshield wipers in an attempt to put the car into drive.

"It seem[ed] . . . Jasmine did not know how to operate the vehicle," a police probable-cause statement says.

Hernandez was apparently unaware that some vehicles -- in fact, many, many vehicles -- don't have column-mounted shifters.

The owner of the vehicle was able to pull Hernandez out and detain her until police arrived.

Police discovered Hernandez had a warrant out for her arrest for aggravated assault and arrested her on those charges. So far, Hernandez hasn't even been charged with any crimes related to her very poor attempt at stealing the vehicle, court records show.

Jasmine Hernandez

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valleynative topcommenter

My client noticed that the plaintiff had been carrying children in a vehicle with a dangerously dirty windshield, and acted without thought or hesitation to clean it before they might return.


Had she tried stealing my car I would have beat the crap out of her.  In fact, if anybody ever tries to steal my car they will get the shit kicked out of them. I promise.


@JoeArpaioFan  That 1976 Valarie is very special to you, isn't it?  Maybe you can upgrade to a Gremlin if you get that raise at Burger King


@JAFFYBOI, U mean the shopping cart that U R pushing every day 2 go 2 work at BK. Knowing what a PUSSY UR, I doubt that U can even "beat the crap out"  of the 19 years old, fucking MORON. People like U should B fed 2 D sharks, hoping that they don't get sick. FUCKING IGNORANT POS. Just like that POS VULGAR RACIST.


How are you going to sit there and call someone ignorant...have you looked at your own comment?

valleynative topcommenter


No, he wasn't, but he didn't feel the need to "beat the crap out of" a teenage girl for trying to steal it.  If the thought of losing your car causes such an irrational rage, it's quite reasonable to assume that it has some unusually high value to you, such as being your only home.

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