Phoenix Police Catch Guy Who's Made "at Least" 36 Beer-Runs at Convenience Stores

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Phoenix police have caught a guy who walked into a convenience store, grabbed some 30-packs of beer, and bailed out of there "at least 36 times."

Police say 43-year-old Felix Castillo sometimes grabbed as many as three 30-packs at a time, so this guy may have stolen more than 3,000 beers -- which means someone probably got really wasted.

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This is part of Phoenix PD's "Operation Beer Garden," in which detectives are working with Circle K convenience stores to track down some of the most dedicated convenience-store thieves we've ever heard of.

Other people caught in this operation include the "Candy Man," a guy who stole nearly $3,000 worth of candy, as well as the "Coin Machine Bandit," a dude who jacked coin machines to the tune of $17,000 (including the cost of the machines).

Police value Castillo's beer haul at more than $2,000, although police say he wasn't even the one drinking them -- he was just re-selling them (you only get one guess as to what he "needed" the money for).

According to PPD, Castillo had been jailed in 2011 for similar thefts, and is still on probation for that.

Below, check out a 90-beer grab by Castillo:

We can only hope that the next bust is of some guy who pocketed 40,000 tree-shaped air fresheners.

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Store clerks must take the law into their own hands and show beer thieves firsthand what "street justice" means.


"as well as the "Coin Machine Bandit," a dude who jacked coin machines to the tune of $17,000 (including the cost of the machines)"

THANK you for adding that line in parentheses!  When I read the story in the AZ Republic it didn't mention that part and I couldn't figure out how the total from CHANGE machines could be so high.  


Police Departments protect and serve businesses no the general public


@robert_graham Thanks, but I'll pass. Not putting myself in harm's way for stuff that's not even mine. That should be left to trained security personnel. I've been stuck up at knifepoint as a clerk, no amount of the boss's money is worth that kind of risk.


@OINK stopping shoplifters is indeed a benefit to the general public.  It allows businesses to stay in business.  I for one like having a store in which to purchase things.

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