Michael Mallory's Facebook Pictures Invite Bust by Ohio Workers' Comp Fraud Unit

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Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Michael Mallory was collecting workers' comp benefits as this shot was taken, officials say.
Michael Mallory of Scottsdale has a cool job, judging by the pictures he posted on Facebook in 2010 of rappelling into a shaft and working outdoors.

But none of Mallory's Facebook friends enjoyed the shots as much as the fraud investigators with the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

Thing was, Mallory was supposed to be laid up with an injury at that time, and was being paid thousands of dollars in workers' comp.

Authorities attributed the pictures to helping clinch the fraud case, which had begun after someone tipped them off about Mallory's extracurricular work. It turned out Mallory had taken a job in Arizona as a rescue technician with Safety Compliance Services, a national company with an office in Tempe. (Mallory's shots were taken while he was working in Massachussetts.)


Melissa Vince, spokeswoman for the Ohio agency, tells New Times that Mallory was eventually sent a summons to appear in the Franklin Common Pleas Court in Ohio.

Last week, Mallory -- who Vince says still lives in Arizona -- pleaded guilty in the court and paid $6,000 of a $7,644,08 restitution order.

"This particular case is a clear example of someone who knowingly broke (the) rules, flaunted his crime, and generated convincing evidence for our investigators to prove his wrongdoing," said BWC Administrator/CEO Steve Buehrer in a written statement.

Mallory didn't immediately respond to a voicemail message.

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This asshole should be in jail. Bitches like this saturate the WC system with these BS claims, so much so,when someone is legitimately injured, the system fucks them again. Insurance companies are evil but corporations aren't people.  What is his excuse ? Lowly piece of shit he is.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

Should have been jail time in addition to restitution for committing fraud like this.  Only having to repay the workers comp benefits doesn't seem to really be much of a deterrent.

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