Lupe Davila, Former El Mirage Pastor Ousted by Members, Threatens Lawsuit Over Lost Church

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Monica Alonzo/Phoenix New Times
A church member removes Davila's life-size self-portrait off the wall.
Guadalupe Davila, known to his former parishioners as Pastor Lupe, is threatening court action against church members who ousted him from the El Mirage church his father shepherd for some three decades.

It appears that Davila hired Wayne Gardner, an attorney at the Mesa offices of Gunderson, Denton & Peterson, P.C., to write a letter threatening legal action against Rod Hennig, who is vice president of the church's board of directors, if he doesn't sign a deed relinquishing any claims to the church property.

The letter -- which misspells Rod Hennig's first and last names -- is also addressed to Donna Hennig, Rod's wife, even though she is not on the church's board.

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We reached out to Gardner several times, but he did not return phone messages or e-mails.

In his July 31 letter, Gardner writes:

I am informed that you recently fraudulently signed and recorded a Special Warranty Deed from Primera Iglesia Bautista Camino al Cielo to Luz Del Cielo. This was done fraudulently and without authority to do so.

He asked them to notarize and sign another deed restoring the church back to the name Camino al Cielo, and presumably, back to Davila.

The new board members didn't put the church building in any individual's name. The church building remains property of the church. They tell New Times they formally incorporated it and changed the name of the congregation.

Gardner's letter informs the Hennigs that if his law firm doesn't "receive the signed and notarized Quit Claim Deed within 20 days of your receipt of this letter," it will file a complaint with the Maricopa County Superior Court asking "the court confirm my client's interest in the subject property and will seek an award against you for my client's attorney's fee and costs incurred ... as you have no legal right or interest in the property."

Hennig sent an e-mail reply to Gardner on August 7:

"As to your unfounded claims about a special warranty deed, I need to refer you to [Maricopa County Deputy Assessor] Frank Contreras ... He can explain that the Assessor's Office accepted, and approved any, and all documents. Thus, they ruled on the authority, and issued a letter of confirmation of all issues involved."

Davila's battle to get back into the church comes after he was tossed out by church-goers fed up with, among other things, his sexual involvement with church members, what they described as his lack of financial transparency, his use of an invalid tax identification number to collect donations of food and other items from local business, including Costco, and threats he was allegedly making to church members who asked questions about how he conducted his and the church's affairs.

Some of the threats, they say, are documented in text and Facebook messages sent by Davila.

So they took action.

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Must be a great lawyer if they can't spell the names of the people they are threatening correctly. May be a firm to avoid.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Mr. Wayne L Gardner doesn't remember the admonition to tell their clients when they are doing something that is illegal.  Sounds like an attorney that needs to take an ethics seminar!

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Attn Davila's legal beagle: Given your client's history, all anyone can say is GOOD LUCK! with the lawsuit.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@yourproductsucks lol doesnt seem your boss does either..being all the crimes that got ignored there during MCSO's tenure of patrol in El Mirage =)

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