Linna Croft Stuck Her Hand Down 4-Year-Old's Pants to Check His Gender, Cops Say

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It seems kind of rude to ask a random parent whether their 4-year-old child is a boy or a girl.

It's certainly rude to ask that question, then call the parent a liar, and stuff your hand down the 4-year-old's pants to check for yourself -- which is exactly what police say 59-year-old Linna Croft did recently at a Phoenix bus stop.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the boy's mother said they were at a bus stop near Central Avenue and Buckeye Road when Croft asked, "Is that a boy or a girl?"

She responded by saying he's a boy.

While the woman was looking down the street for the bus, Croft declared, "You're a liar," and when the boy's mother looked back, she saw Croft's hands "waist deep into her son's pants," according to the documents.

The woman said she knew Croft was touching her son under his underwear because she could see his bare skin down there.

The woman told police she pulled back her son, but Croft tried to get back into the little boy's pants, according to the documents.

The boy's mother, who's also pregnant again, was able to get away from Croft and call 911. Police note that Croft didn't go quietly, and "reasonable force" had to be used to arrest her.

The boy was later forensically interviewed, and told the interview that Croft did touch his penis.

Croft -- who has a history of arrests for trespassing, extreme DUI, forgery, assault, theft, and more -- didn't admit to the crime, and instead invoked her right to speak with an attorney.

She was booked into jail on charges of molestation, attempted molestation, and resisting arrest.

Linna Croft

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I'm still in shock.  If they were at a school, waiting in line for a restroom and she ASKED, that might be one thing as some boys are cute as a button at that age.  But the rest goes beyond the pale.  That's criminal assault and the LE ought to throw the book at the mentally disturbed woman.  I hope she's not allowed on the streets again.


Wow!!!  She looks like Charles Manson's methed out older sister.  What the hell is wrong with her?  Poor kid.


Training for John Kavanagh's posse?


At least she had the good sense to remain silent, too bad she will continue to be a boil on the buttocks of society, at considerable cost, until she assaults the wrong person and takes a permanent dirt nap.


And if convicted, she will receive a much lighter sentence than a male would if he did likewise. 

You know---Equal Justice?

Flyer9753 topcommenter

JAFfy's/RobertGrahams mama

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