Goldwater Blues: Barry Jr. Gets Divorced as Brother, Michael, Struggles After Bankruptcy

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Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr
Barry Goldwater Jr. (above) ended his second marriage as of July -- the same month his brother, Michael, finalized a bankruptcy.
Life is off to a fresh start for the 70-something sons of Arizona legend Barry Goldwater, with Barry Jr.'s divorce and Michael's bankruptcy wrapping up last month.

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy of Michael Prescott Goldwater and wife, Constance, was discharged on July 1, leaving credit-card companies, department stores, and other creditors -- including Michael's sister Joanne -- hanging for tens of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, a consent decree was filed on July 30 in the divorce proceeding of Barry Goldwater Jr. and his second wife, Sylvia DeLucia, ending a seven-year marriage that had seen its first divorce filing six years ago.

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Goldwater Jr., a former Republican Congressman from California who lives in Scottsdale, has lived in the public eye in recent months due to his support of solar firms in their high-profile battle with Arizona Public Service. (Click here to read "Flare-up," our comprehensive July 11 article on the fight over "net metering.") But his personal life hasn't always been full of sunshine.

The 75-year-old once had been pretty cool for a congressman, tooling around on a skateboard in congressional buildings and smoking pot inside his office. A right-winger who was soft on social-conservative issues, it appeared Goldwater Jr. was on track to rival the political achievements of his iconic father.


Then came the devastating loss of a primary election in 1982 for a seat in the U.S. Senate, followed by an investigation into allegations that several members of Congress had been using drugs.

Goldwater Jr. escaped criminal charges and denied publicly that he'd used cocaine or pot. But was encouraged by his family a few years later to enter a drug-rehab clinic, reportedly due to his affection for coke.

Goldwater Jr.'s political career was over, but he'd made a fortune early on as a stockbroker and, like his siblings, apparently had access to the family's once-sizable trust fund. Though financially secure, Goldwater Jr. fretted about his decaying reputation in a lengthy 1983 People article, lamenting the pressures of having been born into a family in which extreme success was expected.

Finding the right woman also has been a challenge for him.

Goldwater Jr.'s first marriage broke up in the mid-'70s. One of his girlfriends met with misfortune: Loretta Clarke Guinan, a young married woman he'd taken as a lover in the summer of 1984, disappeared a few months later after agreeing to testify against her husband, a lawyer and accused thief. The woman's husband, Michael Guinan, was suspected in the disappearance; Goldwater Jr. was the last person to speak with her.

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Does anyone have any information about the possiblity of Barry and Michael

Goldwater's youngest brother, born out of wedlock in 1955???

ExpertShot topcommenter

I wonder if the author will also comment on the wife swapping Barry Goldwater did while he was in office?

This is the company you keep Ray:

"Bolles had been poking into Arizona's local and state governments and discovered a land fraud ring, influence peddling, and shady deals that appeared to lead to the very top of Arizona's power structure and to Senator Barry Goldwater's doorstep.

    During the trial, a witness named Howard Woodall testified that Adamson told him Bolles was killed because he'd uncovered evidence of a loan swindle involving Marley, Barry and Robert Goldwater and Harry Rosenzweig. 

      If the purpose of murdering Bolles was to cover a series of crimes, it was a big mistake. An enraged news media descended on Arizona, determined to uncover the facts behind the Bolles killing.

      Although never charged with the murder, most reporters on the scene believed that Kemper Marley ordered Bolles' murder. Their suspicions were confirmed when John Adamson, an alleged burglar and arsonist, confessed to blowing up Bolles.

      The Bolles-Marley connection to the Goldwater brothers was only one of the many associations made over the years between the Senator and the underworld.

      Robert Goldwater, the Senator's brother, was a longtime friend of Moe Dalitz, the man who truly built Las Vegas."


""Just not enough income to match the outflow, that's basically it," was the glum-sounding Goldwater's answer"

Wrong answer.  Just too much spending that exceeding the income is actually it.

When you are poor you don't like in a nice house in Scottsdale and shop at Nordstroms, even if your last name is Goldwater and you feel entitled.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Back in the day when he was a Congressman from Orange County, he had eyes for Tricia Nixon. "You're very beautiful," he told her. "Thank you" was all she had to say in response.

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