Darnell Dockett's Pet-Tiger Story Unraveling? Cub's Supposed "Mom" Is a Dude

Darnell Dockett via Twitter
Darnell Dockett's alleged tiger.

If Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett actually bought a tiger cub, then he might be interested in knowing that the "mother" of that cub is a male.

Dockett has claimed that he did buy a tiger cub, although it's been hard to tell whether he actually did or he's just jerkin' on our jockstraps. Now, it looks like at least part of Dockett's tale is fiction, and we wouldn't be surprised if the entire thing was just made up.

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The animal-rights activists followed through on their claim that they were investigating Dockett's claim of purchasing a tiger cub and found a photo Dockett posted on Instagram, which he describes at "the mother of my new cub tiger."


The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida tracked this tiger's location down to Predators Unlimited, a wildlife preserve in Homestead, Florida.

In addition to that tiger being a male, named Saber, that wildlife preserve doesn't sell animals, and told ARFF they haven't had a tiger cub "in years."


It certainly seemed like Dockett may have been serious about buying the tiger, because if any professional athlete in Arizona would have actually bought one, it would have been Dockett.

Amid claims from ARFF and PETA that they tipped off authorities about Dockett's alleged tiger-cub ownership, Dockett just happened to miss a couple practices at training camp, for "personal reasons."

An ARFF spokesman says they haven't been able to find the origin of the tiger cub photo Dockett posted on Twitter, so while it's not a confirmed hoax, Dockett's certainly not telling the whole story.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

You can tell by the foliage in the background that it ain't AZ. And not as well that el tigre is chained so that if it gets any idea of making a meal of Dockett, it had better pounce before he can sprint away. No matter how fast you can run, if you're inside a cat's pouncing range, you're Fancy Feast.


It is on a chain leash with owner (my boss) holding chain. Is not a mother tiger. It is a neutered male. I care for the tiger my self. Media and others seem to believe anything they read I guess. He only visited the facility, THATS ALL.

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