Courthouse Update: Cop on Trial, a Plea Deal for a Minuteman, and a Frat Boy Smells Freedom

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Welcome to Courthouse Update, a weekly rundown of goings-on at the Maricopa County Superior Court.

This week, the state rested its murder case against former Phoenix cop Richard Chrisman, Chris Simcox may be offered a plea deal, a frat boy may get off the hook in a flaming Everclear incident, and more:

  • The state rested its case in State v. Richard Chrisman

  • court-chrisman.jpg
    The state rested its case against former Phoenix Police Officer Richard Chrisman. Chrisman is charged in the 2010 death of Phoenix resident Daniel Rodriguez. Chrisman responded to a 911 call from Rodriguez's mother, who asked that police remove her son from the trailer where they lived together. Another officer told investigators that Chrisman ended up shooting Rodriguez and his dog -- killing them both -- for no apparent reason. The defense will begin its case at 10:30 a.m. on Monday

    See also: Richard Chrisman Report Released by Phoenix Police Department

Next page: A crooked bookkeeper pleads guilty to fraud (again)

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And why should illegal aliens illegally working here with stolen ID's get plea deals and be released?  Why should those 9 fuck-ass Dreamers arrested at the border have been released?


Chrisman is nothing more than a gym teacher with fucking gun. I'll bet steroid rage is used as part of his defense. Cops who like to shoot dogs pretty much are the shit stains of the force.


Theire is no place in  todays society for the likes of the so called minute men.....


Wonder why a child molester minute man leader and former pal to Arpaio is getting a deal to let him off the hook? Is this par for the course since Arpaio refused to investigate 400 cases of child molestation? What is this connection?



Well said.

Arpaio, and his "Lap Dog" Montgomery offer "No Amnesty" to good, hard working Mothers of legal Citizen Children.

Arpaio, and Montgomery are a disrgace to the American Justice System, and our Core Principle/Values.

"No Amnesty" for Child Molesters!!

"Enforce our Laws", all of them?!!

No Damn Deals with Child Molesters.


@enigma9000aa  No, its standard operating procedure for every prosecuting agency in the country to offer plea deals in order to avoid the expense and uncertainty of going to trial.  As taxpayers, we couldn't afford to try every criminal case.  Crimes at every level, from murder on down, are often plead out.  Just because a plea deal is offered and/or accepted doesn't mean he will get off lightly.  While I'm no fan of Montgomery, this is standard for his office just like it is for every county attorney and the insinuation that Simcox may get a plea deal just because of his relationships is unfortunate. 

Montgomery does so much that we should be upset about, including the overcharging and abuse of the due process and equal protection guarantees under our Constittuion, that ginning up false outrage over a potential plea deal is unnecessary.  Now the deal should be monitored to make sure that it isn't preferential, but a plea deal in and of itself would be quite normal.

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