Carlos Guzman Hit a Grocery Store Manager in the Face With a Rotisserie Chicken, Cops Say

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The manager of a Fry's grocery store in Phoenix took a rotisserie chicken to the face while chasing a theft suspect, police say.

The alleged chicken-chucker, 46-year-old Carlos Ramon Guzman, tried to pull off his heist at the Fry's at 67th Avenue and Indian School Road, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Guzman tried to bail out of the store after grabbing the chicken and a four-pack of booze, but the manager followed Guzman out of the store.

According to court documents, Guzman confronted the manager, telling him he would beat him up if he kept following him. Guzman took off his belt and swung it around near the manager, the documents state.

The manager just kept following Guzman, as he headed toward 67th Avenue, so Guzman chucked the chicken right at the manager's face, according to court documents.

Guzman tried to run to a nearby gas station, but he ran into police officers there and was arrested.

Guzman had "several" warrants for his arrest, according to the documents, including warrants for charges of aggravated -- which he allegedly earned for getting a DUI while his license was already suspended for DUI.

In addition to the charges pending against him already, he was also booked into jail on assault and shoplifting charges.

Carlos Guzman

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Poor guy was hungry


He'll be out soon enough and he'll continue to rob, steal, get drunk, drive drunk and generally be a sore on the backside of humanity.


You guys are all a bunch of hater idiots.  Go back and drink some more of that Sarah Palin Kool-aid

This guy is NOT illegal.   I just checked with MCSO bookings there is no ICE hold on him (MCSO screens them to check for legal status) and also, the prior arrests for DUI would have netted him and sent him for deportation since way back when he got charged with DUI. (DUIs are deportable offenses)

robert_graham topcommenter

You see, if our borders were secured like they should be this illegal alien maggot cockroach would likely never have come here and this would not have happened.

If you think that Immigration Reform will happen, think again. It won't, at leat not the way you want it to happen.

Immigration Reform means securing the borders and more deportations.  Amnesty is a bad dream so it's time that you wake up and snap out of it.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@HatersSuck lol welcome to AZ bud..where ignorance is bountiful on the right wing..they just assume anyone with a hispanic surname is an illegal, cause they are too stupid to know any better. 


JAF - It's time you get off Newtimes and go suck your daddy's c@@@ you ignorant cum sucker

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  i think what you mean is that immigration reform will never happen the way YOU want it. by your claiming he is an illegal, when there is no mention of that, you are pretty much saying you dont want anybody who is brown or has a hispanic name here at all. that is the form of immigration reform that WONT happen. please feel free to try again though twit. if he was an illegal, they had 2 different DUI's they could have already shipped him off on while they had him in custody (unless he is related to Rocky Marquez or Adrian Cruz and just walked right out)


@JAFFYDUCK, YEAH, HAAA HAAAA HAAAAA, The MCSO CARNIVAL CRUISER IS TAKING WATER!!!. One of the decision makers already jumped out, 'cause he knows that that ship is going down, and the "sharks" R ready to chew on some OLD FETID ASS,& the OLD BITCH JAF's ass as well, since Jaf has been aiding & abeting the OLD FART. N-WAY, Mr. Guzman is an US citizen. U R the ANCHOR BITCH HERE.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan lol you would assume every person with a hispanic surname is an illegal you dumb shit..


@JoeArpaioFan Seems like your hero sucks at keeping illegals out of his county.  Every day I read of more and more coming in.  I guess they think the senile, bloated sheriff is a joke?

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