Butt-Grabber Busted: Cops End Jesse Jimenez's Alleged Groping Spree

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Police say the man who was grabbing butts in East Valley grocery stores has been arrested.

According to the Tempe PD, 21-year-old Jesse Jimenez was arrested inside his home, and he admitted to committing the assaults.

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Cops say members of the public identified Jimenez from the surveillance images released to media, which were captured at the stores where he groped the women.

The initial reported attacks were at three different Fry's grocery stores in Tempe, starting on June 25.

After police went public with that information, a fourth female victim came forward, alleging she was assaulted in a Target store in Gilbert.

According to a 3TV report, one of the people who tipped off police was a Walmart employee in Mesa -- one of Jimenez's co-workers.

According to that report, "That co-worker reportedly recognized Jimenez in these clearer shots, printed out the picture, brought it to work, and asked Jimenez if this was him. He denied it but then walked out of work and didn't return."

Nailed him (allegedly).

Tempe PD
Jesse Jimenez

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Yeah, I guess we need to get these horn dogs off the streets. But I wouldn't mind if he groped ME. You with me on that, Jaffy?

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