Arizona Republican Solar Advocates Punked With Pro-Obama Logo Used in News Release

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The fake TUSK/Obama logo.
A news release published for a pro-solar-energy Republican group features a fake, pro-Obama logo for the group that was created by its critics.

Tuesday's post about the news release on Rose Law Group's website would appear to erase any doubt that TUSK, fronted by Jason Rose and Barry Goldwater Jr., has been grafted to President Obama's non-profit Organizing for Action.

More likely, the fake logo was picked up inadvertently as a convenient illustration for the news release.

In other words, TUSK and Rose Law Group got punked.

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TUSK's news release, featuring the fake logo, on Rose Law Group's website.

TUSK, short for Tell Utilities Solar can' be Killed, is a separate entity from Rose Law Group. But that's sort of a distinction without a difference, since TUSK represents the interests of, and is funded by, rooftop-solar installation companies, and those companies are also major clients of Rose Law Group, a law firm founded by Jason Rose's wife, Jordan. TUSK and Jordan Rose's clients have been fighting proposals by Arizona Public Service that would essentially pay less money to people with solar panels for the electricity they generate. APS claims solar users aren't paying their "fair share" of grid costs.

The Arizona Corporation Commission is expected to hold public hearings on the issue this fall, followed by a vote on the APS proposals. As New Times reported last week, President Obama, through the OFA, has weighed in on Arizona's solar debate with a call for supporters to send a message to the Corporation Commission through another left-wing, pro-solar group.

Enter the conservative Western Free Press, which published an August 23rd article about OFA's efforts on the Arizona solar issue that sported the fake logo. We're not sure how the Western Free Press ended up with the logo, but we know it was created by critics of TUSK.

Barry Goldwater Jr.

Obama supporters should recognize that the cartoon TUSK elephant, (which, of course, symbolizes the GOP), is superimposed over the circular, red-white-and-blue, flag-themed Obama campaign button and logo, which is also OFA's logo. The effect is subtle, given that the TUSK elephant also displays flag stripes, but becomes obvious once you catch it.

For the critics, getting the opposition to mistake its own logo for an Obama campaign button is a pretty good anti-PR coup. (At least, we think the use of the logo was unintentional. We put in a call to TUSK to find out, and we'll let you know what they say.)

And there's another absurdity in the TUSK's news release: The new poll it touts.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

Why don't you tell us what TUSK said after they got back to you about whether the use of the LOGO was unintentional or not?


Geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz will Golddigger jr ever just go away?

Az is so freaking backwards its beond real.. been her my whole life and the goldiggers and the sonoran aliance good old boys hate any thing new that might hurt their pocket book...

Conservatives  in the past  said the automobile would never be reliable, stick with your horse.

Conservatives of years gone by said, autombiles could never travel coast to coast because of oil-fuel delivery and distribution problems.

Conservatives said space travel was useless.

Conservatives said the female vote would distroy america,

Conservatives said a woman in the senate or house off reps could never understand how gov. works.

Conservatives said nancy Polosie woud never be speaker!!!!

Conservanuts last half a brain all conservative gold star pro actor.  president  raised the debt ceiling  18 times ,, guess who that was!!!!!  oops also let in a few million MS 13 members- illegals and then gave um amnestylet um hang out here in az and the other 49...

anything new that cuts into the conservanuts profits , it, just wont work they say..

ray.stern moderator

I'm waiting, too. What was incorrect? (Replying to expertshot)



ExpertShot topcommenter

So, Stern - since you know that the headline on the article you posted is false, why are YOU still keeping it up?  It wasn't news when you posted it and it isn't now - it's a lie and you should take it down.

Flyer9753 topcommenter


How about if we punk you with a bunch of depends diapers from the local sr's homes?? 

Oh wait... you get that daily already frenching Arpaio's asshole

Flyer9753 topcommenter


I'd love to hear this too - what specifically is the lie?

ExpertShot topcommenter

@Serendippdy@ExpertShot"More likely, the fake logo was picked up inadvertently as a convenient illustration for the news release."  TO be "punked" the Punker must intend to Punk the Punkee.  This was not a matter of being "Punked" but as the author wrote: "More likely, the fake logo was picked up inadvertently as a convenient illustration for the news release." 

Here, I'll explain it so simpler minds can understand: The use of the Logo was a mistake by TUSK, NOT an intentional act by whoever made up the Logo in order to fool TUSK into using it.

See, the LIE is in saying that the effort by the creator of the Logo was to "Punk" TUSK.

ray.stern moderator

@ExpertShot @ray.stern No, the definition of punked is variable enough to be used comfortably in the context in which I used it. The opposition to TUSK floated that Obama-TUSK logo out to cyberspace, and you can't deny the logo creator credit just because it was too much for the creator to hope for that TUSK would actually use it. 

ExpertShot topcommenter


Ray, the editors at New Times must have software which prevents you from accessing a dictionary!

From Urban Dictionary: 

punked 111 up, 61 down
1) Humiliated completely, as in disrespected.

So, in order to be punked there must be a "punker" and a "punkee".  In the instant situation who is the "punkee"?  You?  Because you pointed out an error?  Okay, now THAT would be a serious breach of journalistic ethics  - you, the journalist, are NOT supposed to MAKE news up.  Which is what you did.  Nobody "punked" the solar advocates.  There was an error (perhaps) and it was noticed and pointed out. 

You know Ray, for all the errors you have made in your articles over the years, you'd think you'd have a standard correction statement developed.  But you keep on making them up as you go along, just like you do with your headlines.

BTW - APS is screwing over the security personnel at the plant - why don't you do a story on how THAT human resources error is making our safety from nuclear terrorism (or sabotage) less than minimal. 

ray.stern moderator

I appreciate the thought you put into that, e-shot. But I don't believe being punked requires the Punker to have planned everything. Call it a serendipitous or even accidental Punk, but TUSK was Punked.

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