Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon Want Terry Goddard's Testimony Tossed in Stapley Suit

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Disbarred former prosecutors Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon want former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard's testimony tossed from former Maricopa County Supervisor Attorney Don Stapleys lawsuit.

Yes, that lawsuit -- one of the larger pieces of detritus left over from years of county infighting. Stapley, who quit politics last year after a series of scandals that helped bring down former County Attorney Thomas but also damaged the veteran Mesa politician's career, is hoping to claim his piece of a taxpayer-funded feeding frenzy.

(See below for Thomas and Aubuchon's 16-page court motion, and the damning, 15-page report on Thomas and Aubuchon, with 100 pages of attached exhibits, by Terry Goddard.)

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The ethically bankrupt and fearsome abuse of power by Thomas and Aubuchon have already resulted in large payouts to retired judges and current and former county officials. The county is still trying to appeal a $975,000 settlement awarded to Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, who, like Stapley, was a prime target for the trumped-up criminal charges and bogus federal racketeering suit by Thomas, Aubuchon and former prosecutors Rachel Alexander and Peter Spaw.

Goddard, former Phoenix mayor and son of former Arizona Governor Sam Goddard, is one of the state's most notable Democrats and was a political adversary of Andrew Thomas' long before the county chaos, having beat Thomas in the 2002 election for state attorney general. As this motion covers, the two fought about issues ranging from anti-meth ads to whether Goddard had given a corrupt state treasurer a break in a criminal case. Thomas and his key ally, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, were largely successful in marginalizing Goddard's power in his second term as AG with a fake, perpetually open criminal investigation into the treasurer issue. Goddard lost in his bid to become governor in 2010 against Jan Brewer, but still plays a minor role in state politics since being elected last year to the Central Arizona Water Conservation District.

Now, Thomas and Aubuchon are claiming that Goddard's written testimony in the Stapley lawsuit is biased, irrelevant, and that Goddard lacks specific personal knowledge in key areas concerning allegations against the former prosecutors.

Goddard's report is biased, for sure. But from the point of view of county watch-doggers, it's not irrelevant, and Goddard clearly has some personal knowledge of the Arpaio-Thomas shenanigans that involved him. In any case, we sure wouldn't disagree with Goddard's conclusions, which are stated succinctly in his report.

Terry Goddard
Goddard writes that Thomas, who's now running for governor, and his accomplices:

* Ignored statutes of limitations;

* Strung together a "very large number of unsustainable charges;"

* Charged what should have been misdemeanors, at best, as felonies;

* Generally ignored traditional prosecution procedures.

"Individually and taken together, the actions of Mr. Thomas and Ms. Aubuchon were reprehensible and do not even approach the lowest standards for prosecutorial integrity," Goddard wrote in his report.

Yet a transcript of a Goddard deposition included in Goddard's attachments reveal that the former mayor has a begrudging admiration for Thomas.

"I have a great deal of respect for his intelligence," Goddard said for the deposition. "I've read a fair amount of his writing. He's certainly good at that."

We'd have to disagree with Goddard there. But Goddard's review of Thomas' written works run counter to the general theme of his opinion of his adversary, whose actions Goddard at one point calls a "sham" and a "fraud."

Thomas and Aubuchon have suffered defeat after defeat, though amazingly, they find continuing political support among some of the state's right-wingers. Aubuchon and Thomas are appealing a six-digit award of sanctions against them for bringing a frivolous lawsuit against Goddard and several county officials. Two weeks ago, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Thomas and Aubuchon did not have immunity against the charges Stapley raised in his lawsuit.

Goddard's testimony, whether or not it's ruled as admissible in the Stapley lawsuit, stands on its own as further insight into a county scandal that has not quite ended.

Click here for the motion by Thomas and Aubuchon to exclude Terry Goddard's report on them.

Click here for Terry Goddard's report on Thomas and Aubuchon.

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I found out that Ray Stern is being paid under the table additional money by a third party to write extra articles critical of Andrew Thomas. Ray, if you don't stop, I will divulge the source & the amount you've been paid per column. This is a violation of journalistic ethics and it will cost you your job if it doesn't stop!

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

If only Thomas and Aubuchon knew what I had in store for them....

I can't wait to meet with Holder (despite how clueless he is at enforcing the law, just like Thomas and Aubuchon) to get him to put these two clowns in Supermax with the Flaccid Fuckup.


I look forward to Andrew Thomas filing for bankruptcy and moving into a cardboard box under a bridge.  


it seems folks admire them for their willingness to sherd the constitution when it comes to the right's of their foes.  The odd thing is that many of the folks who are actually still supporting these frauds for some reason call themselves "constitutionalists".

Does this name refer to their ability to dance around said document?


I'm sure that Stapley's attorneys have good, rational reasons for hiring Goddard as an expert, but whatever those reasons might have been, they escape me.  Seems like Goddard would be an easy witness to impeach at trial based solely on the bias that Goddard has (or can be shown to have on cross) resulting from years of being Thomas' political opponent.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

What's there to say except that the Log Lady in male drag must be hallucinating if he thinks that Goddard's totally relevant testimony will be thrown out.



The right wingers don't dance around the US Constitution, they stomp all over it.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Truth, your comment reminds me of now twice-disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Pearce.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

John Q., could Thomas be shown to have bias toward Goddard because of Goddard's political affiliation and the fact that Goddard is simply a better politician than Thomas?

Goddard did some good as state attorney general, such as getting $94 million for border security from Western Union.


@JoeArpaioFan, FUCKING BITCH, U shouldn't even comment in these issues, tell me, what do U mean by saying: "These are not good reasons". FUCKING IGNORANT. U just open UR pie hole 4 not good reason,  just like UR hero the PINK DIAPER WEARER POS  TIC TOC TIC TOC....5 MORE DAYS, OL' BIATCH.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Marcy, I thought Tea-Baggers used the US Constitution as toilet paper, since they use it to wipe their asses with.

The Founding Fathers would be PISSED at these Neanderthals....

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Idontrecall, it's closer to two days until the hateful old man of MCSO gets those monitors shoved up his ass.

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