Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Boyfriend

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Arizona Cardinals cheerleader Megan Welter.

Last week, Arizona Cardinals cheerleader Megan Welter was celebrated in the news as an Iraq war veteran who fulfilled her dream of dancing with pompoms; this week, Scottsdale police arrested her on suspicion of assaulting her boyfriend because of texts he received from an ex, police say.

Welter, 29, who served 16 months in Iraq, is being charged with disorderly conduct, criminal damage and assault.

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Welter and her boyfriend had gone drinking to celebrate her birthday and returned to her home.

Around 3:15 in the morning on July 20, she confronted him about a text from his ex-girlfriend which, according to a conversation caught on police video, was a picture of a dog.

The boyfriend says he had texted back his ex, "Are you trying to turn me on with your dog?"

Welter later called 911, saying she asked her boyfriend to leave her home, and that he had slammed her head into the tile floor and choked her.

When police arrived, a police recording shows, Welter repeatedly whispered to an officer, "Please get him out," referring to the boyfriend.

In the video, the officer calls for the boyfriend and tells him to sit on the ground. The boyfriend begs the officer to watch a cell phone video -- and Welter's account of being assaulted falls apart.

The video shows a woman, who appears to be Welter, screaming and clawing at the boyfriend's head.

"Really? Really? Are you trying to turn me on with your dog?" she mocks him in the video.

The arresting officer found no markings or signs of abuse on Welter's body or neck, according to Scottsdale police.

Based on the video evidence, the officer arrested Welter.

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Cheerleaders gettin' into the steroid supply? 


Remove her uterus so she can never have more kids.


I hope they lock this lying bitch up and throw away the key


smart guy for recording it...wonder what other videos he has on his phone with the cheerleader...wink wink!!! ;) 

yeah i'd tap that ass too!.


This is what I like to see, JUSTICE!! Stay away from that crazy bitch brother, I'm sure you can do better. Sad part is, the crazy ones are the best in bed.. Darn mother nature, why why??


Smart move recording the incident.  Same applies to any interaction with the police, record them so they have a more difficult time lying about it later.

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