5 Percent of Men in Phoenix Cruise the Internet for Prostitutes, According to ASU Research

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Researchers at Arizona State University estimate that about 1-in-20 men in Phoenix solicits online sex ads.

ASU researchers made similar estimates in other large U.S. cities, estimating that perhaps more than 20 percent of men in Houston call sex ads, whereas less than 1 percent do in San Francisco.

According to the study, a lieutenant from the Phoenix Police Department's Vice squad helped post some effective ads online for fake prostitutes in the various cities, and everyone waited as the phone rang off the hook.

After recording all of the phone numbers, to find out people who were calling and texting multiple times (one guy called/texted a decoy nine times), the researchers estimated how many guys in these cities are calling in response to sex ads in the cities.

On average across the 15 cities, the researchers estimate that about 1-in-20 men call in response to sex ads, making Phoenix's estimated 78,000-plus male customers about average, as far as this study is concerned.

According to the researchers' summary:
The intention of this study is to inform law enforcement, advocacy group[s] and policy makers about the scope of the illegal behavior of buying sex from ads posted on websites and to begin a dialogue about to best integrate this new information into the demand reduction activities currently being implemented. This study is a first step towards gaining a better understanding of the size of the population of online sex buyers.
The study can be found here, and the summary can be found here.

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The lowest rate of men calling women for online sex ads is in San Francisco? Shocking.  Shocking, I say.


What percentage of women offer to sell their ass on line?  Let's see the stats.  And yes Ashley Madison DOES count.


My state tax dollars at work.  Unless of course, this was done with a grant from the CDC or DHHS in whcih case its my federal tax dollars at work.  Great.

valleynative topcommenter


The study says:

"Funded by Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children,  ASU Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research and supported by the Phoenix Police Department "

"Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children" was founded by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  Make up your own joke about the age difference between them.

My first thought was to wonder how many ASU students who knew about the study called in just to mess with the professor.


@valleynative  Didn't click thru to the study - thanks for the info. 

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