Third Person Charged with Murder in U-Haul Immigrant Smuggling Ring

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One immigrant died while being transported in a U-Haul truck to Phoenix.

A third person has been charged in the murder of an immigrant who died after he and eight others were transported in a U-Haul, where temperatures are believed to have reached 180 degrees.

Police say they found text messages and a U-Haul rental agreement that link Yolanda Banda, 48, to the smuggling operation that killed the man. Authorities also believe she and her boyfriend helped operate a smuggling ring that regularly shuttled immigrants from Douglas to Phoenix.

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She is being charged with unlawful transport of an alien, smuggling humans for profit, and second-degree murder in connection with the death earlier this month.

On July 7, deputies responded to a call near the Bowlins Travel Center near Interstate 10 and Picacho Peak from someone who said they saw several people fall out of the truck after it had parked and the driver opened the back door.

The Sheriff's Office believes there were more than a dozen people crammed in the truck. Emergency responders treated many in the group for dehydration, fatigue, and heatstroke, which caused vomiting, loss of bowel control, and unconsciousness.

Two people were emergency airlifted, and ambulances carried six others to local hospitals.

Three days later, deputies learned that one of the U-Haul occupants, Rigoberto Gijosa, died while on life support.

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Isn't it OK to beat up on white -hispanics these days? Obama thinks it is.


Because like the old saying says, "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" and "if you play with matches you're going to get burned" it is nobody's fault that the immigrants died but their own. They were responsible for their own demise. Those dead illegals should have known how hot it would be inside the truck or were they expecting 60 degree temps for the ride?


These are the cases that really need the attention of Mary Rose Wilcox, Chad Snow, Randy Parraz, Senator Gallardo, Sal Reza, etc etc...Instead, it's these people who continue to allow such atrocities to occur.

The manner in which these illegal immigrants are mistreated, raped, killed, and exploited is a unimaginable...and it's usually Hispanics who are inflicting the cruel, vile mistreatment. 


@yourproductsucks Stop crying like a baby.  If illegals' don't want to be mistreated they shouldn't come over here.

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