Yarnell Hill Fire 100 Percent Contained

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If you look closely, you can see a flag in the center of the image, which is set up at the site where 19 firefighters were killed.

Almost two weeks after lightning sparked a fire that eventually burned through more than 8,400 acres, and killed 19 firefighters in the process, the Yarnell Hill Fire is 100 percent contained, according to fire officials.

People with homes in Yarnell and Peeples Valley already returned to their homes earlier this week -- that is, if their homes were not among the 114 structures destroyed in the blaze.

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A preliminary report on the investigation into the deaths of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots, released late last week, says little more than that flames "entrapped" the firefighters.

"Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were entrapped when flames overran their position on June 30," the report states. "Eyewitnesses state that fire behavior was extreme with heavy winds. The crew of 19 deployed fire shelters late Sunday afternoon but did not survive."

A flagpole has been erected at the site where the firefighters deployed the shelters. The images below show the "deployment site" from the ground, as well as it what it looks like from the "overlook" -- which has been set up on State Route 89 as a memorial -- and a map, showing the site in relation to the town of Yarnell.

The Deployment Site

The "overlook."

The gold star marks the deployment site.

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There has been no comments as to why the Governor did NOT release funds to fight the fire until after 19 souls had died.  After that several hundred addition fire fighters and planes join to help put out the fire. 

Amanda Dobbins
Amanda Dobbins

isn't it awesome that we live in a country where people die to protect our right to indiscriminately persecute whomever we like?

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Yeah thank "God". Thank him for the 19 dead fire fighters ( must have needed them to put out the fires that religion causes) thank him for the 150 plus burnt out homes and some 200+ displaced residents. But most of all, thank him for 100% containment that the fire fighters lost their lives to contain....SMFH.


Isn't awesome that we live in a country where your right to make totally stupid, asinine, disconnected comments like this one is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

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