Who'd You Rather (Be Represented by): Paul Babeu, or Anthony Weiner?

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Anthony Weiner (left) and Paul Babeu.

While Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu claimed this week that he's not running for Congress in 2014, there's another politician who likes to take photos of himself without clothing who is running for office -- Anthony Weiner.

Weiner is running for Mayor of New York City, just a couple years after resigning from Congress amid his sexting scandal.

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-Paul Babeu Claims He's Not Running for Congress in 2014

Babeu dropped his candidacy for Congress in 2012 amid allegations from his ex-boyfriend, a Mexican national whom Babeu's attorney threatened with deportation. Despite an alleged poll showing Babeu's a front-runner for the Republican nomination in Arizona's 1st Congressional District in 2014, Babeu claims he's going to finish his term as sheriff instead.

That got us thinking -- who'd you rather (be represented by) in a hypothetical match-up for public office: Babeu, or Weiner?

Cast your vote below:

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this is rea... babeu is same example as Anthony weiner. wonder is current lover (S ) know babeu well. he likes to have many guys at the same time

Babeu sexting:  Can u cum before 4 stud? Yes, we can meet at my hosue for drink and then go eat?


When it comes to Weiner, maybe size counts


Babeu is afraid running bacause his leadership failure, corruption in county, threats, intimidation, going with young guys, dating a bunch of guys online and violating county ethics posting nude photos. people wont forget in two more years, and all that will come up who babu is sooner than later


Weiner is a pretty good guy as New Yorker's go.

Babeau is simply mean and vindictive.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

What difference does it make.  It just goes to show, though, the voters on the right AND on the left will vote party line regardless of how scummy the candidate is instead of actually considering the integrity, honesty, judgment and intellect of the candidate..  Regardless of their politics, both showed horrendous judgment and a complete lack of integrity and should never be allowed to hold public office again as a result.

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